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  1. unikarl

    Car's Gone so I might as well go too

    Last Tuesday was a sad sad day for me. I delivered my A4 to its new owner. Had a damn good blast on the way there though... Nearly 90 miles of country lanes so we parted on good terms. I hated walking away from that car and to make matters worse I now own a vectra. Anyway, I'm just saying...
  2. unikarl

    New car found....Don't be too harsh!

    With the imminent sale of my A4 looming I'be been on the lookout for a new car. I was supposed to be getting a company van but that would have ended up costng me a small fortune so I'm getting a cheaper car instead. I needed a good motorway car, plenty of equipment, economy and room. The...
  3. unikarl

    Anyone want my wheels?

    I'm putting my car back to standard as its getting sold so I'm hoping to get a set of standard S line wheels as a swap for my BBS CH reps (18"). One wheel has a little scuffing but other than that they are perfect. Rear tyres are brand new Marangoni's which come with free puncture repairs and re...
  4. unikarl

    Any Idea how much my car is worth?

    With the possibility of a company van looming I'm considering selling my pride and joy. Its a very well specced car and has been looked after all its life but has now done an awful lot of miles throwing a spanner in the works slightly. The spec... A4 S line 2.0 TDI 140 Dolphin Grey...
  5. unikarl

    changing the standard sub?

    Does anyone know if its possible to fit an uprated sub into the rear shelf of the A4? Since getting the RNS-e in my car the bass isnt as it used to be and I'd like to get just a bit more kick and clarity from it. Has anybody done this or know if its possible?
  6. unikarl

    Cars got some new shoes

    The car has its new shoes fitted. I'm still not 100% convinced by them. I do like them but I also loved the LM's. Let me know what you think... Be as brutal as you like but I will cry! I realise the pictures are rubbish BTW. Just took them quick so people can get the idea.
  7. unikarl

    Anyone want lowering caps for free???

    Need to raise up the front of my car slightly as I'm struggling to take the car to most of the sites I work on now. I have the B5 lowering spring cups on it as well as Eiback 50mm springs and its too much. The caps will be free to whoever wants them as long as I can have your old ones and...
  8. unikarl

    Cheapest way to link up video?

    I have an RNS-E in my A4 that I have retrofitted and 'm looking for the cheapest possible way to watch the video's on my ipod through the screen. Has anybody done this and if so how and how much? The cheaper the better!
  9. unikarl

    Ordered new wheels but not sure now!

    I bit the bullet and ordered a new set of alloys. 8x18 BBS CH's in silver. I went for et32 offset so they will fill the arches ok but I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing now. I love the LM's I have but they are oxidising a bit and its putting me off. Which ones do you prefer? LM's...
  10. unikarl

    Recommend me a mobile?

    I currently have an Iphone 4 but want to free up some cash to pay for the band for my wedding so I'll be selling it. I need to buy a half decent handset second hand, probably on the bay, for around £100. What would people recommend? The last phone I had was a Nokia 6700 chrome which I loved...
  11. unikarl

    Whats different between the S line and the Sline SE?

    I've had a bit of a search and I cant figure out what the difference is between the S line and the S line SE. Did they come with more equipment as standard and how do you know if you have one or not?
  12. unikarl

    I think its done!

    Well, I've finally got all my parts together for my xenon conversion and its all installed... My to do list for the car has a cross through everything... I never thought I'd see that happen! Quick pic of the work in progress!
  13. unikarl

    Will my car accept xenons?

    I've got almost everything I need to fit proper Audi xenon headligfhts to my car. I'm only short of one ballast which I think I have found. I've found out that my car my not let me programme it to tell it that xenons are there and I may need a new control module to do so. Does anyone know how I...
  14. unikarl

    Wheel swap anyone?

    Thinking of turning my car back to standard (looks wise) so am looking into swapping my BBS LM reps for the standard S line wheels plus a little cash boost! The LM's have new tyres on then, a little oxidisation on the rears but are spot on really. 8x18 front's 9x18 rears Anyone interested...
  15. unikarl

    Pics of my car after a damn good clean

    Gave the car a wash, polish then wax this afternoon so thought I'd take a few pics of it shining away! Let me know what you think.
  16. unikarl

    A4 armrest bits,

    Hi, Can you give me a price for the armrest mounting bracket and leather lid (black) for a 2006 A4 please. Cheers, Karl
  17. unikarl

    Armrest illumination.

    I bought an armrest off the bay and it has a little connector on the back that leads to a single LED inside it to illuminate it. Are they all like this? I've not seen anyone else who's retrofitted mention the lighting. Its a doddle, I can figure it out but just wondered if it was normal. The...
  18. unikarl

    Air con button.

    My air con button seems to have packed in. If I press it to turn econ off the light comes back on as soon as I release the button. Anyone have any idea why it might be doing it? Suppose a scan will probably be in order.
  19. unikarl

    Dial colour change.. HOW TO!

    I've changed the colour of my dials again so I thought I'd do a write up for those of you who are brave/stupid enough to have a go! I've decided to do my digits in red and change my needles to white to make it look oem+. You can pretty much go for any colour you like as long as you can find...
  20. unikarl

    Now lowered with double exit exhaust...PICS!

    Well the wheels I have looked tiny with the car running the standard ride height at the rear so I've had a set of Eibach Sportlines fitted which has made the car sit just right in my opinion and the ride is absolutely spot on. I also had a twin exit exhaust fitted like the 2.0T. Its stainless...