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    Audi A3 parts price enquire

    Hello Sorry to disturb you,as i have used your services before wen buying parts for my Audi i would like to know if you can give me the price for cv inner gaitor and the outer gaitor,as my car needs them all the inner and the outer both sides and 1 shock absorber rear left side here is...
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    A3 TDI 1.9 Quattro 2002 Thermostat

    Hi whats the price for a thermostat for a A3 TDI 1.9 Quattro 130 sport 2002 And how do i order Thanks
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    Help where can i find exhaust trims and fit them to my car in London south west

    I would like to buy exhaust trims like the ones in the picture and have them fitted to my car,but unfortunately i don't know were can i buy them and have them fitted in south west London. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Sergio
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    Help on garages prices

    Hi i have been quoted £205 to replace the alternator pulley,as its seized and making a horrible noise. I live in sw London,can anyone recommend me a reasonable priced garage in this area thanks.
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    Hi new here in London area

    Hi great site new here just got a a3 1.9 tdi quattro with all the extras from factory at a great price so now hope the ride will be bether tham my clio