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  1. DaveTM

    Touch up paint

    recommendations for touch up paint please ready for chips Got the metallic white Thanks
  2. DaveTM

    S5 brakes

    is everyone pleased with the brakes on their S5 ? You seem to have to stamp hard to stop if going quick? Have golf before and seemed to have sharper brakes
  3. DaveTM

    Recommendations cleaning a car

    not hand washed a car for years but now I’ve a lovely Audi not sure about the hand washes places Recommendations please Snow foam Wheel cleaner Leather cleaner/conditioner Shampoo and so on Don’t want anything with harsh chemicals Just want it to look and stay great Thanks
  4. DaveTM

    Door logo projector lights

    I’ve seen you can get replacement door lights so projects the Audi logo Anybody fitted them ? Are they ok ? Thanks
  5. DaveTM

    What a car

    drove my newly purchased 15 plate S5 home tonight What a car Very impressed
  6. DaveTM

    Audi paint protection

    Hi I’ve been offered paint protection and interior as well on a car I’m looking at Got options for work done or work done and cert so could claim. Worth the money ? Had a car (not Audi) done years ago and still looks good now ?
  7. DaveTM

    Upgrading to folding mirrors

    Hi does anybody know if it’s easy to upgrade the mirrors so they fold in electronically and what’s involved please ?
  8. DaveTM

    S5 hard to sell ?

    Looking at getting an S5 but scrolling through the ads a few seem to of been for sale for awhile and not high mileage or anything odd. Are they hard to sell Look an amazing car
  9. DaveTM

    A5/S5 issues ?

    Hi I’m just about convinced to buy an A5 and probably the S5 version Are there any common issues that go wrong with them as partner got caught out on a BMW so don’t want to get caught again Thanks in advance
  10. DaveTM

    Fixed Activation email

    Hi im trying to join but do not receive my activation email to complete no matter how many times I try It’s not in spam either. Can post this but not any other sections so guessing can’t be complete ? Thanks