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  1. oli356

    PCW back box mod

    The guys on the rs3 forum always go on about PCW mods fit their exhausts to mthe back box etc. Has anyone had anything done similar to the S3? Got res delete and valve system (was a bit too noisy at motorway speeds on PFL), but always looking or atleast curious what more could do. I can't...
  2. oli356

    Another 'springs' thread - Sportback 18s no magride

    I know there's a few threads on here about fitting lowering springs but I'm struggling to find any pictures of a sportback with 18s without magride. The car doesn't sit that high really currently - front and back are basically the same - from floor to wheel arch is 26"/ 66ish cm. Only can get...
  3. oli356

    Weird noise when driver window goes down

    Anyone ever noticed a weird, creaking like noise when putting a window down ? Not a big deal but I thought it was strange...don't want the window to stop working suddenly when my warranty is up in a month or so.
  4. oli356

    Fixed Time to renew the cert ?

    Time to renew the SSL certificate?
  5. oli356

    Another winter tyre thread

    I know winter tyres and summer tyres are always debated. But thought I'd share this video. I was susprised how rubbish the 4WD summer car did at accelerating... 4WD got absolutely thrashed...
  6. oli356

    2mm tread in 6000 miles, bad/good?

    Car was in with Audi earlier and they have reported 5mm tread on front left and front right (no mention of rears). I bought 4 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 in January and have only covered around 6000 miles since. I think new tyres have like 7mm of tread so I'm surprised to hear that I've gone through...
  7. oli356

    Gearstick red ring thing fell off

    Hardly worth its own thread, but I was cleaning the car this morning and the red ring thing on the gear stick fell off, at least the right hand side of it. It 'slots' back in but I think if I quickly move the stick up and down it will just fall out again. I seem to remember someone else had...
  8. oli356

    919 Hybrid Evo: On-board record lap, Nordschleife

    I'm sure some of you have seen this.. The 919 Hybrid Evo setting a 5m 19s lap at the Nordschleife I felt scared watching this, just madness the acceleration, cornering speed and everything about it!
  9. oli356

    Fixed Adsense

    Is something up with the adsense? Something looks a bit different
  10. oli356

    Insurance always amuses me

    Boring story time.. That time of year again, last year I paid £525 for my insurance for my A3. This is the first full year of insurance on the S3. We are with Admiral, 4 vechiles on a multicar policy. From an admin point of view it makes things a pain, especially as we were looking at taking 2...
  11. oli356

    Blue "wannabe police lights" on car

    Anyone have any idea what the punishment is for blue lights being fitted to a car in the grill is? When I was on my way home on Wednesday I had an Astra approach at speed in the 3rd lane, flashing me to move over, there was a car in the middle lane so I didn't. The driver proceeded to turn on 2...
  12. oli356

    Simoniz Back to Black Tyre Shine

    Anyone used this before? Costco from 14th May - 3rd June have it on offer, 3x 600ML for £6. One can from Halfords of 500ml is £5! So super cheap but is it any good... even if it is average, for the price I wonder if you can go wrong. How do the spray cans work compared to liquid/gels usually also?
  13. oli356

    Not sure what happened to my paint here....

    Noob question :) As the title suggests, not sure what happened to my paint. I've got a stone chip but then around it there is like a "mark" a few cm around it, the camera doesn't pick it up great but is quite noticeable.. Assuming that you can see it, any suggestions what I could try to deal...
  14. oli356

    Mirrors/Handles/Fuel cap and water!

    Noob question here ...=) What do you guys do after cleaning/drying the car to get water to stop dripping down from the mirrors / door handles / fuel cap? Car was filthy! People at work have been commenting on it! couple of rubbish phone pics.. used Bilt-Hamber auto wheel and Sonax Xtreme...
  15. oli356

    I thought BMW drivers and their "M" badges were bad

    I thought BMW drivers and their tacky "M" badges were bad - sticking them on 320Ds and whatever else. But this 1.4 A3....? Like sure, of course it looks cool but really? (there are 3 images) Wouldn't you feel weird when someone goes "nice rs3".. I hope the owner isn't on the forum ;)
  16. oli356

    Voided my warranty...

    So my car was in for a service today with Audi I got a call from them saying that there were 2 error codes relating to the engine and they asked if I had done any mods, I was honest and said what has been changed .. no point hiding it when they can clearly see its not stock. Pedal box...
  17. oli356

    SMART repair ?

    When I collected my car in October I don't remember there being any problems on the panels, I drove it once into town the same day and then it was parked up in an underground work car park for a week while I was on holiday. When I returned my friend noticed this..... I've yet to do anything...
  18. oli356

    Audi Specialists - Reading area

    Another "Audi Specialists" thread... Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for one in the Reading / Wokingham area? Need to decide soon if the S3 will go to Audi or elsewhere for its 1st service @ 19k.
  19. oli356

    Snow foam rookie

    Noob question time... There are probably very similar threads on here but hey ho.. I wanted to try snow foaming my car, my friend let me borrow a lance of his (cheap Karcher one). I went and bought some Pro Kleen snow foam shampoo, the 5l bottles. It was coming out very liquidy, , more liquidy...
  20. oli356

    Bluetooth audio (music)

    Does anybody stream music via bluetooth to the car, if so how do you find the quality? Mine is trash compared to using an MMI cable (aux/USB)