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  1. wsdizzys3

    police car on dyno viezu birmingham

  2. wsdizzys3

    IHI VF34/22 HYBRID

    Anyone delt with this turbo before. I cant find anyone that rebuilds them and not many places have much knowledge on them. At the moment the turbo is at a place and there saying 600+ for seals shaft billet wheel bearings and the hot side housing. Does this sound reasonable or has anyone had it...
  3. wsdizzys3

    ABS light. what light??

    Basically when I turn my ignition on I dont get my abs light come on. I have run a scan with vcds and p1851 came up and 2 front abs sensor's. I originally thought my master cylinder had gone but upon further inspection someone had filled the brake fluid up with what looked like atf fluid. So I...