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    Alarm siren issue

    Hi chaps, I have a 2002 A4 saloon, in the last week the alarm has started sounding unexpectedly, though the indicator lights aren't flashing at the same time. Reading other threads on this forum it could be a the internal battery. I just want to know, is it possible to use the car with the alarm...
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    Connecting Ipod to Concert Radio

    Hi, I'm looking at the Xcarlink unit,(xmas present for the wife) which says it will work on all concert radios. Her car is a 52 plate A4, looking at the head unit it appears to be a Concert 1 version. But I'm not sure if it has the CDC option, there is no changer fitted, and no matter how many...
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    ABS & ESP issue - 52 plate A4

    Hi all, the ABS & ESP malfunction warning lights are coming on and staying on, though if I stop and depress the ESP switch a couple off times, and then turn off engine then restart, the warning lights go off, for a while anyway. havent had the wheels off yet, but a look at pads through wheels...