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    Dashboard warning symbols

    I just bought a 2.7 tdi Le Mans and car was driving smooth all the way back from Liverpool to Glasgow. Stopped at Gretna services, loaded up with some diesel and back on the road. Got about 15 miles in that storm and the engine management light appeared. Got her home and pushed the check...
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    Audi A6 media interface

    Hi, Was an a4 b7 owner but looking to upgrade to an A6 C6. Love the lemans but I'm looking at a few and noticing the media interface varies on them. Can someone advise what the difference is? The pics below show the 2 different types I've notice and want to know what I would be missing out...
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    Plasti Dip Chrome - Why Did They Give Us Chrome In The First Place!

    Has anyone been succesful with plasti dipping the chrome around the doors and windows? I have had great success with the lower strips across the top of the door and it looks perfect and factory but ive been finding the rear quarter windows dont seem to work as well.... the coat and finish...
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    S4 front and rear anti roll bar

    Anyone know if these will correctly fit A4 B7 2005 chassis? 2003 Audi S4 Front & Rear Anti Roll Bars A4 B6 B7 Breaking | eBay Cheers Chris
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    B7 SLine Body upgrade

    Hi, im needing some help with an upgrade to my car. Im looking to start upgrading my body kit. I want to get S4 body kit on my 2005 Sline Tdi. I found alot of issues around changing my Grill in the past becasue its the Sline model. Will there be any issues I could come across if I were to find...
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    Adapter for I-pod/i-phone

    I recently got an A4 B7 05plate. It comes with factory fitted 7 disc and cassette syphony unit. I have been looking at upgrades like these audi symphony cd radio | eBay or Veyron VNS-A4 OEM-Style Radio/DVD/iPod/Bluetooth/GPS/Nav/USB/SD for Audi A4 B7 | eBay Really i just want the i-phone to...
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    B7 LED upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded the interior lights? I have a full LED kit to go in but fancy getting lighting in the interior door handles, has anyone done this or know af any after market kits to upgrade??