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  1. J

    So much for me getting an S3!

    So despite following this forum for around two years and posting countless threads asking you guys questions and opinions on the S3..... Last Saturday I travelled down to Bristol, traded in the st200, and came home in a Nitrous Blue Focus RS :D To say I love it is an understatement! it sounds...
  2. J

    Carbon Collective

    anyone coated there car in carbon collective ceramic coating/sealants? Im thinking of doing mine however it would be nice to see what people think of them, can get the full kit for 110 quid or with their new oracle coating for about 150, (to protect all external parts of the car) has anybody...
  3. J

    FL vs PFL remaps

    So, my question to you wonderful people is, since both PFL and FL are running the same engine but with a slight different tune I believe, will a PFL car remapped to stage 1 for example, make the same power as a FL that has had a stage 1 map? Im asking this as I currently own an st200...
  4. J

    Stage 1 S3 vs stock RS3

    Has anyone ever done this comparison? if so what are the results :)
  5. J

    Facelift Facelift S3 Reviews

    Hi Guys (yes im still lurking on here lol) Just wondering if any of you guys could post links or copy and paste your reviews of the FL S3 (if you have any) Mainly wanting to focus on how the handling is with regards to the claimed understeer, comfort of mag ride or non magride. thoughts on...
  6. J

    My Future car plan (S/RS3)

    Hi Guys, Some of the S3 guys will know me but not many of you RS guys! Basically I have followed the S3 thread for around a year or so now as I was looking at getting a FL S3 on PCP around xmas time, however plans change and I ended up buying an ST200 ex demo car. (really due to my impatience...
  7. J

    Sadly not joining the club anytime soon! :( but all is not lost

    So as a few of you may know, I have been pestering the forums for the past month or two asking quite a lot of questions and asking for opinions as I had been looking into getting an S3 (Daytona sportback was the goal!)however I have completely jumped ship.... Just went and traded my old car in...
  8. J

    Yet another payment question....

    Right, So my current thinking/question is what do you think is the best way for me, in my situation to buy an s3.... I had moved towards the idea of buying a second hand facelift model outright as I won't be purchasing until the end of this year (October) meaning it would allow me plenty of...
  9. J

    Second hand discount

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick question, if I were to consider buying a second hand FL with low miles what discount should I aim for? I know that when after a PCP deal you should go for 10-12% but does this change with a second hand vehicle? and when wanting to buy outright? Cheers, Joe
  10. J

    Vegas Yellow vs Daytona

    The above are the two colours I'm currently thinking about. Are owners able to post some photos of both colours in 2 door (preferably with the 19's) It's just easier to compare the two on one thread rather than sifting through some of the others that have every colour posted in there. Cheers,
  11. J

    Facelift Has anyone got these alloys?

    Hi, if anyone has these alloys on an FL 8v please could you post some photos in here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. J

    S3 Colours

    So currently just weighing up the idea of buying an S3, I can afford it for sure but im still just considering everything before I visit a dealer on Sunday and try wangle a test drive or a passenger ride (to start with as only 18) however if possible could people post colours of the current FL...
  13. J

    Young driver insurance

    Hi All so.... .... to start off with im only a young driver.... I'm looking into a FL S3 (will be my first Audi) I am going to be visiting my local dealer for a chat over the weekend to discuss ordering one on a PCP contract (I think!) There is only one Hiccup and that is insurance, as a few...
  14. J

    Audi sound vs B&O

    Hi Guys, Looking into getting an s3 in the upcoming months, currently looking at some lease deals however they only offer the audi sound system. Just wondering if you could let me know if there is much of a difference in quality etc. Cheers, Joe
  15. J

    A few questions about the S3 8V

    Hi everyone Im looking at buying an S3 8V sometime next year (ages away yes I know but im keen to develop a good understanding of one before I fully decide) at the moment I drive a 15 plate fiesta zetec s nothing special but its an okay little car. I know a lot of people say the S3 feels...