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    Wing mirror lubricating

    They often break though, that's the issue - Try putting it on full tilt and see if you can spray some lubricant behind it - It will be centre of the glass at the back
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    RFL Recharge Query

    If it's like our Pool car we get charged an admin fee for them to renew the RFL
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    How to open 4 side windows at once

    Depends if it's been setup already - Not all dealers do it - Simple to do though in the MMI
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    To be honest there aren't many options available for the Vorsprung it already has everything on it
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    Retrofit Matrix LED headlights to my new Audi A3 8Y

    That's on the later builds - I have Matrix on my 70 Plate S3 and like St Michael you have to push the stalk forward and activate the Auto for the Matrix - they then do their thing but as soon as you recycle the ignition the Auto goes - Nothing to do with the Auto lights switch A few people have...
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    Foldable Mirrors

    Are you UK based? It still shows on the configurator that folding mirrors standard on all models and I hadn't heard that they weren't coming through without due to the parts shortage Have you queried with the dealer?
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    Software version 3691

    Dealers have to update it and only if your car says it needs it
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    Foldable Mirrors

    A3 8Y Versions have folding mirrors as standard on all models
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    A3 Vorsprung equipment

    I totally agree - £50K is utter madness for an S3
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    A3 Vorsprung equipment

    S3 Vorsprung is back on the configurator now - Not the normal A3 though
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    Pan Sunroof Rattle

    Pretty much standard on Pano roofs from what my friend who is a Mastertech tells me It will need to go back - Probably one of the plastic clips has broken - Not a quick fix usually as I understand it though
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    Functions on demand.

    Just Google British embassy Berlin and use the zip code the rest of your address will be ok
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    S3 8Y Saloon Space Saver

    I ordered mine with the car so it's £150 including Jack and Tool kit but obviously they're not supplying the Tyre Seal and Processor hence the price - £550 for a steel wheel, tyre and jack set does seem rather high though even by Audi standards Good work for getting it at that price
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    A3 40 TFSI e Start-Stop

    Putting the gear selector in s mode should stop it - It does on the S3 anyway as the engine starts and the revs increase as soon as you select S
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    Functions on demand.

    You would need the different cruise control stalk to activate ACC - Some cars have come through with it probably due to lack of parts but my S3 didn't come with it and as such the only thing I could upgrade was TSR
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    Latest Software

    Cambridge Audi did mine all ok - I can't believe they've not heard of it
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    Seat logos

    It doesn't off the body - You are left with a lot of excess glue
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    S3 Door Body Part Creaking and EPB Question

    Not anymore - It used to be like that but on the facelift 8V and the new 8Y you no longer need the seatbelt on - I think it should still be like that though for safety
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    Activate hill hold / assist with OBDeleven

    Yes, I see that it does offer it - I can't understand why this wouldn't just be standard across all countries You do sometimes have to do it several times and with the bonnet open sometimes as well! Why I don't know and only what I've read
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    Activate hill hold / assist with OBDeleven

    All 8Y's have Hold Assist as standard, unless it's different in Europe