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  1. RichardT

    Servicing at an independant.

    After having annual servicing at Audi for 4 years, I decided to take the plunge with an independant. Just picked the car up from APS - Brackley (more or less next door to Mercedes GP team headquarters - as if that makes a difference!). I had MOT, Inspection, Oil change, Spark plugs, air cleaner...
  2. RichardT

    Downloading contacts from iPhone to MMI

    I have been having a problem for a few months with my contacts not always appearing in the MMI. Most of the time it seems to show just "My number". The AUDI service dept have had several looks at it and failed to fix it after updating the MMI etc etc. I have now figured out the problem myself...
  3. RichardT

    Extended warranty

    My car is just coming up to 3 years old (can't believe it). I have today received an email from Audi inviting me to take out an extended warranty. I had been considering this because I am just slightly concerned about possible large costs - particularly the gearbox (s-tronic). From comments on...
  4. RichardT

    It's never been as bad as this before!!!

    Actually it doesn't look quite as bad as it was in the photo. Just an hour this afternoon and all's well with the world again :yahoo:
  5. RichardT

    Silly man......
  6. RichardT

    Audi and Amazon to try car-boot delivery service

    How do folks feel about this? Track your car and open the boot! I don't think so.......
  7. RichardT

    Is keyless entry a risk?

    Here comes the controversy again!! On the radio this morning
  8. RichardT

    Wot - no new threads today?

    First day I haven't seen a new post!!
  9. RichardT

    Anyone claimed for pothole damage?

    I hit a pothole this week and wrote off a tyre. Luckily no damage to wheel or mechanics. Thinking of claiming from the council (£100) Has anyone claimed? Have success?
  10. RichardT

    Standard tyres - where's the thread gone?

    Posted yesterday - thread entitled "Standard tyres". Have an email in my inbox from a response. Cannot find the original post in the forum. Anyone any idea where it may have gone?
  11. RichardT

    Auto headlights - temperature sensitive?

    I have auto lights with comfort pack. I realise they come on with fading light OR when auto wipers trigger (ie when it's raining) I noticed yesterday morning that my lights had come on. It was dry and perfectly light - mid morning. So there was no light, rain (or time) reason for them to be...
  12. RichardT

    Strange omission I think......

    I have the interior lighting pack and it does make the interior classy and well lit at night. Gentle light in footwells, handles etc etc. But there's one piece of lighting missing. They should put a ring of light round the ignition key slot. That would be really good. Of course I'm getting...
  13. RichardT

    Factory fitted towbar

    A little while ago someone asked for a pic of the factory fitted towbar. I just popped out and took a few shots. The whole thing is covered by a flap. You really can't see anything normally Two turn buttons and the flap drops off Electrics swing down Towball just pushes up into the car Job...
  14. RichardT

    Where are my reflective jackets?

    I have a A3 saloon. I have an idea that there should be some reflective jackets tucked away in a hidey hole somewhere. The picture in the manual isn't really clear but suggests they should be in the rear seat somewhere. Any ideas? Also there has been some talk on here about shopping bag hooks...
  15. RichardT

    Problem with some album art on SD card

    I seem to have a very specific problem with some of my album art. Wonder if anyone has any experience of this - using Mp3tag. I have assembled all my music in folders and used Mp3tag to get the album art and embed it. All seems to work in the MMI and shows the album art fine, except for one or...
  16. RichardT

    Oh what a long wait.........

    I have finally collected my new A3 saloon. I have had to wait a long time and I thought that I would document the wait so that some on this forum can see what to expect. Week 13 (28th March) Ordered the car. Expected wait 14 weeks. I think that, based on stuff on this forum, that wasn’t too...
  17. RichardT

    Which insurance to choose

    I am picking up my new Audi A3 saloon tomorrow and have the complimentary 7 day insurance set-up from Audi insurance. They have quoted me for a years insurance - £330, which they dropped to £280 when I said it was too expensive. My current insurer (Cooperative) is quoting £241. I have always...
  18. RichardT

    MMI cable

    Can someone please confirm exactly what the MMI cable does. I shall be picking up my new car soon and just want to be sure what to ask for. We have both iOS devices (new and old iPads) and Samsung micro USB phone. However, we don't generally store any music on these devices and the only...
  19. RichardT

    Car at Emden - which ship

    My dealer told me yesterday that my car arrived at Emden and was loaded onto a ship yesterday. I have been looking at Vesselfinder and Marinetraffic and it looks like the most likely ship is African Highway. It's the only car carrier I can find and it seems to have been going between Emden...
  20. RichardT

    Buying An Sd Sat Nav Off Ebay

    I haven't spec'd the sat nav for my new car, because I could not justify the cost really. Only use one occasionally and have a perfectly good Navman. However I just noticed that there are loads for sale on eBay for between £70 and £150. What's the story. Some say they have an activation code...