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  1. AudiTom

    Cant find many A5 3.0 tdi's with a manual gearbox

    Hey is it me or is there far less manual a5 3.0 made after 2012. I fancy a upgrade but i want a manual, thing is the autos sell for 10k-13k and the manuals start at 15k lol cannot justify it. would i be better keeping my old a5 3.0 and face-lifting it? i was told the whole job would cost me...
  2. AudiTom

    Resprays and wraps

    Just out of curiosity. I want a sepang blue respray and i was quoted 2k for a sand down. Door seals and boot full respray. Whats your experience in this. My old man thinks they cost like 6k I see alot of people saying around 2-3k Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. AudiTom

    UK Diesle - Government killing it?

    Hey people, I'm sure if you own a diesel you must have seen in the media about upping the zone range, banning diesel's and so on. I have asked this on other forums and come to the conclusion that it won't really effect cars outside of central London. this is good because I love my v6 TDI and...
  4. AudiTom

    {UK} Where do you put your number plate?

    After thinking about how to display my plate, Strick UK plate laws and all post pics of you numberplate configuration? Don't wanna ruin the look of my grill
  5. AudiTom

    A5 2008 to FaceLift rs look?

    Hey, Members of the alpha race. I just got my A5 3.0TDI before I bought this car I intended to do a facelift conversion I have scoward the internet for information on how to go about FL rs looking it I mean im doing the backend after, this seems easier than the front so I was looking at using...
  6. AudiTom

    A5 Pre-Facelift vs Facelift - Cant decide

    on the internet and other fourms. theres alot of dispute over what looks better! so maby audisport and its comunity can shead some light RFC MATT RS bumper @jesasd Old A5 Rs bumper
  7. AudiTom

    A5 2009 facelift conversion

    I see people online doing pre facelift to facelift conversions. doesn't this cost a lot of money? what would you need to do it? Bumper Wings Bonnet Lights? coding needed? will the panels fit the old car easily ? just wondering anyway quite like my pre facelift
  8. AudiTom

    My mate got clamped

    basically, my mate got clamped from parking on the double yellows on the road outside his driveway. we unbolted the wheel and took the clamp off and hid it inside his shed. He received letters from the DVLA. is this illegal to remove the clamp. I thought we were allowed as long as it was...
  9. AudiTom

    What has this guy done to his A5 2.7 TDI

    I have a 3.0 TDI v6, found this video online and That sound rings to heaven and back. is it just a downpipe ? I need this in my life :sob::readit::readit::readit:
  10. AudiTom

    A5 - RS5 Face?

    Hello fellow Audi users, I have just purchased an A5 2009, She has a 3.0 tdi and i have already mapped it. I was just thinking how good the rs5 face looks lights grill etc. How would i go about putting a rs5 face on my A5, .Will it just fit ? also do i need to buy the side panels and bonnet as...