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  1. razza1

    SQ5 Anyone got carbon wing mirrors?

    Looking at getting some, had them on my black jag xfs and they looked awesome. The silver stand out against my whole black look at the moment, but being the SQ don’t want to just to normal black, plus the carbon would match the interior trims…...
  2. razza1

    Carbon steering wheels

    Any recommendations on places to source a carbon fibre and perforated leather flat bottom steering wheel? Control customs Uk is one place I’ve seen on an exchange basis for not too bad a price, is alibaba any good? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. razza1

    SQ5 Puddle lights :)

    Latest job, only took a few mins to swap them out :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. razza1

    SQ5 Steering wheel refurb?

    Anyone done this? I’ve used royal steering wheels in my past cars to get perforated leather and coloured stitching, along with a thicker wheel. Just wondered if anyones done that on their SQ5 that has pics? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. razza1

    Q5 Bike carriers?

    Hi, anyone use a rear bike carrier without towbar? Looking for options vs sticking them on the roof… If rear then do you also need a light bar/number plate jobby?
  6. razza1

    SQ5 Rubbing whirring noise

    The car is now making funny noises when turning right, it’s like somethings rubbing, I’ve checked the wheel arch and nothing is rubbing even all the way to full lock, it sounds in line with the speed. No issues with straight or left… I have a video where you can hear the higher pitch...
  7. razza1

    SQ5 Creaking parcel shelf

    So I thought my roof was making noise, but traced it to my parcel shelf after removing it. It basically creaks and makes noises when hitting bumps, anyone else have this and any ideas on how to solve? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. razza1

    SQ5 SQ5 maxton mods

    Ok so I’ve removed the TDI badge, blacked out front rings, added side skirts and rear diffuser and splitters. Black badges will replace the v6t, SQ5 and rear rings. Front spoiler to go on once I can bring myself to take the bumper off and do it properly… Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. razza1

    SQ5 SQ5 arriving Tuesday

    So been away from audi after 6 years lost my S4 gearbox woes. And back into the fold with this beauty arriving Tuesday: Question, has...
  10. razza1

    SQ5 TDI or A6 TDI/BiTDI

    Hi, after a few years away from Audi after gearbox troubles on my S4, I’m looking to change the Jag XFS for something different. Looking at the above cars around the £25ish mark. Want something Quattro now due to the country lanes/hills, something more comfortable (especially for the wife, but...
  11. razza1

    Help Please How not to park....

    Seems someone was overconfident that they could get round the roundabout in icy weather... If you zoom in you’ll see it’s bashed into a new car, which in turn then got pushed into another new car...a few unhappy Toyota staff this morning me thinks... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. razza1

    Vinyl wrapping in Reading

    So after years of on and off trying, I've finally found a place to wrap the chrome parts on my car. Not the audi now since that has long been gone...will let you know how it goes as know people are always keen to find a decently priced yet good quality wrapper.. Think they have other places...
  13. razza1

    Audi vs monkey...longleat surprise...

    Anyone on here? From the comfort of the bus seeing cars get ripped apart by monkeys at longleat today, saw this little chap rip off and bending back half of the boot spoiler.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. razza1

    Awesome refurb

    So, just got my wheels back after getting all refurbed. Was going to go Matt dark grey until they showed me a finish they've just done (on an Audi wheel funny enough). Had to have it. Got flecks in it that shine amazing in the sun. Only cost me £72 as Stratstone paid for the refurb due to...
  15. razza1

    Audi S4 vs Jag XFS

    So request was made for a comparison. I went from 475BHP MRC stage 2+ B8 S4: To a 3ltr twin turbo diesel 275BHP Jag XFS Just driven back from Wales in the new car. You can't really compare them is my first thought. The S4 was a bit of a sleeper, and just ripped your head when you wanted to...
  16. razza1

    So it's gone...end of an Audi era

    So, the S4 went today. Been with Audi for several cars and a lot of years now. After the stress I had and lack of help from Audi, it did leave a bitter taste. But with work journeys changing, and still with debt from fixing it all, it was time for a change. And that change has led to outside...
  17. razza1

    Selling the S4 :(

    So after all the work and money I've put into it, it's time for me to part with it. I couldn't do it until I'd fixed it all properly, but now it's spot on, I'm happy to sell it onwards knowing it's not stitching people up (which I think the prior owner did to me...). Amazing car, but needs...
  18. razza1

    Silver A5 3.0tdi quattro spotted Black Boy roundabout Early/Reading

    No spotters thread...had this in front of me today, had an aftermarket exhaust on, and sounded absolutely awesome!! Was silver/very pale blueish tint. Must have been remapped as well as was pretty quick off the mark... Has made me consider looking at them as my S4 is just getting a bit thirsty..
  19. razza1

    New shifters for Xmas

    Got these for Xmas, can't wait to fit them and then go try them out :)
  20. razza1

    Lumpy idle

    I had a slight misfire a while back, changed plugs and seemed OK, however noticed some oil on one of the coil packs. Since getting the car back from having the clutches done its feeling lumpy again on idle. Getting vibrations through the car and the revs ever so slightly jump around (barely...