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  1. Alan Gunn

    HELP :Uninstall fog lights Audi A6 2009

    I would post pics showing you using the latest version of VCDS and not a hacked version you might get more help.
  2. Alan Gunn

    Car Jump Starter

    Thanks for the info.
  3. Alan Gunn

    Car Jump Starter

    What car is yours and how flat was the battery. I keep looking at the new jump packs but a bit unsure about them. Sealey do one that charges itself as long as your battery has 5v left in it.
  4. Alan Gunn

    Audi a6 avant

    This is what i use and have done for years.
  5. Alan Gunn

    Wont start

    What happens to the 5 controls lights it you put the wipers on. If they go out and the wipers don't work then your battery id dead.
  6. Alan Gunn

    Acceleration / gearbox issues!!

    17119/P0735/001845 - Gear 5: Incorrect Ratio Possible Symptoms Clutch Slipping Reduced Power Output Possible Causes Gear related Clutch slipping/faulty Gear related Solenoid Valve dirty/faulty Overloaded Clutch due to continuous high Torque or Tuning Wiring and/or Connections faulty Sensor...
  7. Alan Gunn

    Engine help.

    Check all pipes big and small. Also get it scanned and post any codes.
  8. Alan Gunn

    v6 tdi to advance pump timing

    To advance the pump timing after slackening the 3 bolts on the cam which way do i move the pump. Looking at it from the front of the car clockwise or anticlockwise.
  9. Alan Gunn

    1.9 tdi engine mount?

    Where are you located.
  10. Alan Gunn

    04 Audi A6 AVANT 1.9 TDI Sport

    I think it will be for the indicator.
  11. Alan Gunn

    04 Audi A6 AVANT 1.9 TDI Sport

    Window is the regulator see link. The wire in the boot,,,,,,,,,,does your car have a tow-bar ?. Your headlights need a good polish with Tcut as they are...
  12. Alan Gunn

    Used VP44 adaptation

    As Chris says it's easy to do the hard bit is getting the SKC.
  13. Alan Gunn

    A6 4b c5 fuel pump

    I think you will find the pump in the first pic is located on the underside of pic 2 when you take it out of the tank. See pic 2 in this advert (not audi but will give you an idea)
  14. Alan Gunn

    A6 Allroad in limp mode fault 18265 / P1857

    What do you mean "I have the proper VCDS so dialed the pump in correctly"
  15. Alan Gunn

    Injection pump swap

    Where did you find the electronic part.
  16. Alan Gunn

    Pump changed car now running but more problems

    Timing is out to far advanced. Part No: 4B1 907 401 D Component: 2.5l/4VTEDC G000AG D06 Coding: 01017 Shop #: WSC 00020 VCID: 204FA02AA003D5214EF-4ACC Subsystem 1 - Part No: 00004059 Component: 130 106JC150_1.V77042274282 WAUZZZ4B22N108944 AUZ7Z0B2037152 1...
  17. Alan Gunn

    Injection pump swap

    Timing is well out not showing on the graph and says something like "to far advanced" Chassis Type: 4B (4B - Audi A6 C5 (1998 > 2006)) Scan: 01 02 03 06 08 15 16 17 18 22 34 35 36 37 45 55 56 57 65 67 75 76 77 VIN: WAUZ"""""""""""""""...
  18. Alan Gunn

    Injection pump swap

    Update The car starts no problem and will drive ok for 2 to 3 minutes then the ESP light comes on and car goes into limp mode. I have now got it at my home so i can play around a bit more and at the moment i have disconnected the battery while i wait for my wife to get home with my bm as my vcds...