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    Bang & Olufsen Sound System - LEDs in the back?

    So since I rarely sit in the back of my own car I havent really noticed this until now, but is there supposed to be a LED strip around the speakers in the back seats like there is on the speakers in the doors on the front? It feels like there are strips there, but there's no light.
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    MMI updates should be covered by warranty

    I am currently waiting for my Audi dealer to come back to me and give me some information on how to update my MMI firmware. I know it involves delivering the car to the dealer and have them install it, but I am not sure whether its gonna cost me and if so how much. However, I just realized that...
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    Launch control on A3 2.0 184 TDI Quattro

    From searching around it seems like the A3's with stronic and quattro ("wet clutch"?) has launch control support. I couldnt find anything about this in my owners handbook, but Ive seen it mentioned that its in the manual somewhere. Does anyone have more information? Cheers!
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    Android Auto for the A3

    So ever since Android Auto was announced earlier this year and even demoed on an A3 I was immediately eager to figure out whether or not this will come as a software update or require us to buy new cars all together. Ive been an Android developer working on everything from kernels to apps since...
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    Retrofitting Matrix LEDs?

    So I love my A3 and I am fairly happy with the options I opted in and out for. However, I slightly regret not going for the Matrix LED headlamps. Does anyone know if its possible to swap out the Xenon lamps for Matrix Leds? I assume this would involve replacing the front lights completely and...
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    Does Anyone Have A Newer Mmi Firmware Than Me?

    I currently have MMI software version: MHIG_EU_AU_P0337. Does anyone have a newer version?
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    Album Art Over Bluetooth

    I am sure this topic has been discussed ferociously, however Ive noticed something odd. When streaming music from my Android device using either Spotify or Google Play Music, album art generally does not show up on the MMI screen (I have the tech pack, etc). However, I noticed that if Im...
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    Retrofitting Pre-sense?

    When I got my lovely A3 I only opted in for the basic Pre-Sense package. However, I suspect the various Pre-sense levels are software implementations only and can somehow be unlocked? I have the ACC, so the necessary equipment and tech should already be in there. Anyone have any ideas if this...
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    Map Updates And Mmi Firmware?

    I have been in touch with my dealer numerous times regarding this and no one seems to be able to answer the question. From you can download updated maps for the A3. However, are MMI firmware updates included or is that something that can only be done by the dealer?
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    To those who think the A3 is just a Golf with a premium badge...

    I see this argument a lot: The A3 is identical to a VW Golf, just more expensive due to the four rings on the bonnet. Coming from BMW's with this A3 being my first Audi, I wanted to investigate what actually makes the A3 different from its VW sibling. Its interesting the amount of technical...
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    MyAudi security issue

    So, while is certainly nice and useful, Im shocked at the obvious security loophole presented by the password reset feature. Basically, to take control of someone's myAudi account, you need the following information: email account associated with the user the answer to the secret...
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    Upgrade from UMTS to LTE?

    On my 2014 A3, I have the Audi Connect option with gives me 3G connectivity. However, on the 2015 A3 sold in the US, its offered with LTE. Anyone know if its possible to swap out the UMTS module with an LTE one and how much it would cost?
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    Internet Radio and Podcasts.. how?

    So, after a few days with my A3 I am still in a surge of happiness and joy over the wonders of the new A3. However, one thing I miss is access to my favourite podcasts. I thought with the A3 being online thanks to my extra SIM card, it would be a simple feat, but I cant seem to figure out...
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    Sony Xperia Z1 has rSAP support but cant use Audi Connect..

    So, I am fairly certain that the Xperia Z1 support rSAP (SAP) but when connecting it through bluetooth in the A3 (with Navi Plus, etc) I still cant use Audi Connect. What gives? Anyone with the Xperia Z, Z Ultra or Z1 here able to confirm that it does/doesnt work? Thanks
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    Tilting side view mirror?

    Hey! On my BMW 1-series, the right side view mirror would tilt downwards when the car is put in reverse. So far, I havent found any setting on my A3 that does the same, and I couldnt find anything in the MMI settings either. NOTE: In UK cars it would be the left side view mirror that would...
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    What do we know about the MMI in the A3?

    As a information security specialist / developer by trade, Im extremely interested in the MMI system in the Audi. While I wont be taking things as far as Charlie Miller did (hilarious talk at Defcon this year by the way), Im curious how the MMI system works under the hood as I like to understand...
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    The 6-speed S-tronic in the Quattro Model

    Hi all! Im soon getting my A3 Sportback Quattro S-tronic, and I have a question regarding the S-tronic box in it. The other A3 models get a 7 speed S-tronic box, while the Quattro gets a 6-speed one. Any one know why that is and what the difference is between them? Would you say its a less...
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    My A3 Sportback 184 TDi Quattro S-tronic is soon here

    Hi all! Ill finally get to drive off in my new A3 sportback, so I thought i would ease the wait by posting some thoughts, questions, and rambles here. Hope you dont mind, and feel free to stop reading at any time. I wont be mad, I promise! My A3 was produced at a blazing pace and the timing...
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    aluminium mistral option?

    Hi all! Just about to finalize my order, but now I cant recall what the aluminium mistral option is? I know it has to do with the decals on the dashboard which by default is aluminium-looking gray plastics. But what does the aluminium mistral option add? Does anyone have any pictures? Does it...
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    Cruise control adjustment

    Hey all! I teat drove a A3 today with ACC and I couldnt figure out how to increment the cruise control speed in 1km/h steps. It went from 70 to 75 and then from 80 to 90 and 100 etc. How do i set it to do 94 for example?