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    Clunking noise when steering

    Hi guys, i've been away for the past month, and i took the car out for a quick drive last night, and i'm getting a loud clunking sound (sounds like its coming from underneath the front of the car) when i apply quite a bit of lock (mainly to the right i think) at low speed. It doesn't happen when...
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    Car Tax - Urgent question

    Hi guys, my car tax expires at the end of May, and I've just been told that a new system is being introduced from 1st May. I've done a bit of research, and I was just wondering if you could confirm my understanding of the situation as follows: My 2002 52 plate S3, which emits 226 CO2(g/km)...
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    What Oil for S3 (Again)

    Hi guys, sorry to ask this question again. I've done a search and read the faq but i'm still slightly unsure. My car's on AVS and I read that i'm meant to use a VW503.01 spec oil. Now I read somewhere else that this has been superceded by 504.00 spec?? Can someone clear this up for me...
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    How to post pics?

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to post pics so they show up in the thread. I uploaded some pics to my gallery and put around the url but they show up as red crosses? Thanks
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    Cheapest place for brake pads

    Does anyone know of anywhere cheaper than Eurocarparts for front S3 brake pads? Their price is £44 inc vat + delivery. Thanks
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    Loan car from Audi

    Could someone tell me how exactly these things work. I've never got one before, but i've got my car booked in with Audi for a service and asked for a loan car. The lady started saying i'd have to pay for it (cant remember how much) and that they'd be a £2500 xs on it! I always thought these...
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    How much should I sell my S3 for?

    Hi guys, i'm about to part company with my S3 and was wondering how much I should realistically ask for it: 2002 52 plate 23k miles Imola yellow Half yellow alcantara interior Full Audi service history - the car will be serviced by Audi before I sell it, including brake fluid...
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    2nd AVS service

    Well it looks like my car is going to be due this soon. What price has everyone paid for this from a main dealer? Given that the car has only done 22k miles instead of the assumed 40k, are there any items (haldex and brake fluid aside) that wont need replacing that would normally need doing...
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    Brake pad warning on DIS

    I've done a bit of searching and it seems i've got the low brake pad warning on the DIS. Does anyone know how long the front pads are meant to last? The car has done 22k miles and i've had it since 14k miles and i've never driven it hard. Also, is it possible to stop the warning sybol coming...
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    Vroom Vroom on Sky

    Has anyone ever seen such a bag of ! How can they put stuff like this on TV. Never again will I complain about 5th Gear!
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    About to buy Eibach spacers but........

    i've decided to get the Eibach 15mm front and rear spacers but Motorsportworld don't have the S3 listed, only the TT. Would the TT ones be the same? HERE Also, any ideas where to get the wheel bolts from? Thanks
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    Squeaky seat!

    My driver seat seems to have developed a really annoying squeak when I put any weight on it. Before I get my oil and grease out, does anyone know where this might be coming from before I start my random application
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    Wheel spacers (again!) for S3

    Good evening all. I was wondering if someone could tell me whether I can run 15mm spacers front and rear on a S3 with standard suspension. I believe from other posts that most people do 10mm front and 15mm rear, but I want to push the fronts out further than this if possible. I don't really...
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    Does anyone want my double din for their single din?

    I've currently got the Symphony II double din unit. I'm looking to upgrade to an aftermarker HU so ideally need a single din cage and climate control unit. Does anyone want to do a swap.i.e. my Symphony II for their equivalent single din unit (is that a concert II or chorus II ), my double din...
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    Warranty claim for ARBs and fuel sender?

    Hi guys, my cars just been into Audi for its first MOT and for them to look at the following probs: 1) Fuel guage malfunctioning - it's been showing empty (0 miles on DIS) even though there's petrol in the tank. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 2) Clunking sound when going over...
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    Do you lose the DIS with aftermarket HU?

    Or can I get it to display radio stations and CD info like the standard hu. Thanks
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    Opinions on a Smart Roadster Coupe Brabus

    Hi guys, i was wondering what everyone thought of the smart brabus coupe. I'm currently driving a S3 but all my driving is done in London so i hardly ever get the chance to put my foot down. I'm considering changing it for the smart. I'd never really thought about them before, but the brabus...
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    Practice theory test

    WTF is a toucan crossing??? Who cares about trams and towing a caravan? I got 27 by the way FAILED Practice theory test
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    Brake fluid change

    My car is just approaching 19k miles - am I right in thinking the brake fluid needs to be changed at some point soon?
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    Annoying pointless replies to threads - why?

    I was just wondering if i'm the only that finds all the pointless replies to posts ****** annoying. I'm constantly clicking on threads that have like 10 replies since I last read them and what am I confronted with.......? A couple of replies that just have smilies, a few one word answers - all...