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  1. Mikey170

    Wheel spacers..

    is anyone running wheel spacers on standard 18inch rs6 wheels?? and how do they find the look of the car with them on?? pictures if you got em please?
  2. Mikey170

    Replacing headunits..

    Has anyone replaced their headunit with a double din aftermarket one? what you got? has anyone just got a normal aftermarket unit? pics please if possible to... cheers :arco:
  3. Mikey170

    After your a3...

    Bit bored so i thought i'd start a thread on what car you wold like to buy when its time to get rid of the a3.. i hope to keep mine till im 24/25 and then get an s4 or even an rs4 lol..maybe!! :yahoo: so what you want next..............
  4. Mikey170

    IPOD kit help.

    my a3 TDI hasnt come with an ipod connection through the glove box. i was just wondering if there are any kits available that you can fit yourself so i can connect my ipod. Audi want £120 to fit the kit, seems a bit expensive to me really. any links to were i can but the kit would be great...
  5. Mikey170

    LED rear lights..

    just wondering if anyone has any pictures of an a3 with LED after market rear lights fitted? preferably on a 3 door. Cheers :respekt:
  6. Mikey170

    Mapping a 170 TDI

    Just wondering if anyone here has re mapped a 170 TDi? i just would like to know if the car felt good after and if its worth doing out of your experience? cheers. :thumbsup: :gun2:
  7. Mikey170

    A3 coilovers help...

    just wondering which one is for my car on this list?? Mines a 2.0 TDI s line sport 170bhp. just not sure what to pics thats all, helps is much appriciated!! list...
  8. Mikey170

    Coilovers help please..

    been thinking about putting my a3 on coilovers, but worried ill loose the comfort of the car, had a very hard ride with my previous car being lowered to stupid levels, if i put it on coilovers..can i still sit it as close to standard height as possible? only really want them on for shows and...
  9. Mikey170

    My 170 TDI a3....

    not sure if this is the right place to put these pictures but here goes anyway! :rock: new to the site this is my car.. 07 reg TDI 2.0 S LINE 170 BHP full black leather phantom black exterior bose sound system 33k miles. pics:
  10. Mikey170


    Hello!! Im Mikey, 21 from lancashire in the UK, just recently bought myself an 07 reg audi a3 TDI Sline the 170 BHP model. in phantom black Really like the car so far!! :blackrs4: