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    problems with my new S3.....

    Hi people, I got another S3 not too long ago but have had a bundle of problems all together! I did a px deal with the previous owner who is also on the forum. The cars a 8L with revo stage 2, decat, modified downpipe, milltek exhuast, and intake and wrong size wheels 215/35/18 on a 8.5j...
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    New pics of the S3, just detailed

    Hey, thought id put up some pics fo the S3, just spent the whole afternoon detailing it
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    Milltek group buy...!

    Hi guys, JBS are doing amazing deals on milltek exhuasts for our cars (A3 S3).... we need to get 15+ buyers to save a wooping 25% off any system! and on top of that, free fitting on TB or cat back systems! e.g... a TB system for the S3 is £830 fitted!:hubbahubba: im down for one so if anyone...
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    S3 a bit loose...

    Hi guys the s3 to me feels very loose round corners compared to the r32 handling on the r32 is amazing compared to the s3 feels much more planted to the ground... im thinkng of doing some HnR arb's and hopefully it will handle much better.... has anyone here done the arb's if so whats your view...
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    how to fit optics...?

    hi guys, was planning to fit the optics today but was wondering is its a bumper off job or can it be done with the bumper on? any help would be great.
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    decat milltek anyone...?

    Has anyone done one of these yet? if yes do you have any problems with the fuel pump or any error codes up on the dash? any help would be with the sports cat the exhuast is almost £400 more over the decat version..... is the cat really worth that much extra?
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    Hi guys, if anyone knows of anyone selling a set could you please get in contact with me as my discs are shot so instead of replacing them i rather just do the upgrade...! most appreciated Saf
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    Parts for sale

    Hi guys im selling my car so im going to be selling the following parts... BBS CH 19" black eddition with almost new goodyear eagle F1 GSD3 Forge CAI Forge DV PM me if interested. Saf
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    will be having to sell soon!

    Hi guys unfortunetley i mite be having to sell up soon due to new house purchase and under the current climate of things cant keep both so the car is going to be up for sale.....:bye: i need a quick sale so was wondering what do guys think i should advertise it for?
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    pics of my S3

    Hi guys, few pics of my car with the new wheels, sorry about the poor pics but will upload some decent pics soon....
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    Best tyres ever!!!!!

    Hi guys got my ch's last week tuesday and fitted on thursday with some goodyear eagle F1 GSD, they are the best tyres ive ever had, they have so much grip its unbelievable especially in the wet its just glued to the ground.... ive had toyo's on both of by previous cars and i thought they were...
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    mtm wheels for sale....

    Hi guys i know this should be up in the classified section but have got no pics so i thought ill just post it on here. A mate of mine has 4 genuine mtm bimoto wheels for sale (5x100 8.5j 19") with continental tyres on all which have about 3-4 mm thread left on them they all have very slight...
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    Porsche Brakes Wanted...

    Hi guys if anyone out there is planning to de-mod there car and has this upgrade could you please Pm me as i have a friend who is in need of a porsche set up for hes car. Best regards Saf
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    S3 gone...

    Hi guys just to let you guys know ive sold the 8L s3 and bought an 8P S3 amazing difference in all aspects but then again my S3 was preaty much standard when it came to performance mods wish i did play with it but never mind hey got the new one to do that thought i say thanks to all...
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    Not sure which ones to go for either bbs CH black eddition or MTM Bimoto Titan finish with black inserts i like both but just not sure which ones to go for. what do you guys recomend...?
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    Hi guys looking into getting a turbo back milltek system was wondering how much it should cost me? so far been quoted £929 delivered, is that a good price or has any one got one cheaper.
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    What Intake?

    Hi guys my cars has a REVO remap and was wondering what would be the best intake for me? :icon_thumright:
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    Picked up my S3!

    Hi guys picked up the S3 from bristol on friday and im very pleased with the performance and quality of the car. had a smile alll the way back and every time a sit in it.:yes: so far the car has been lowered on HnR springs and a REVO remap so hopefully in the near future my plans are to get a...
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    Big Brake Conversion

    are there any for the current S3? If yes then has anyone here done it?
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    LOOK OUT FOR.....!

    Hi guys im hopefully going to be getting a 8P s3 soon with revo and buckets....and was wondering if theres anything that i should look out for or any problems that you guys may of experienced ie the buckets or REVO... all help would be appretiated. Thanks:thumbsup: