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  1. Perry

    Open Sky sunroof

    Mine seems to have stopped working and local garage says cable has snapped - found complete system on eBay - it looks like 4 bolts front and back to replace - is this the case ?? Thanks
  2. Perry

    Polo again

    Looks like the thrust release bearing (?) is wearing on the Polo - I can get a clutch kit for approx £60 but does anyone know what labour times are at a garage for this? I know my local garage charge £40ph so trying to get a rough idea before giving them a call. I assume its the release...
  3. Perry

    Changed the plugs as running a bit erratic on idle

    And found one of the plugs had oil round it - is this normal ?
  4. Perry

    Could this be an issue

    Cleaned the MAF sensor today as car was running a little rough on idle, nothing major but while doing that I also looked in the oil cap ( no idea why ) and found this Is this something I should be concerned about or is it normal? A friend mentioned something about emulsion and try taking it...
  5. Perry

    central locking not working from remote or from key

    As the title says really - neighbour leaves her car unlocked as only the drivers door locks from the key and remote locking not working. Could this be a fuse or is it more likely to be the motor ? Found the fuse panel on drivers side but she doesn't have the cover so struggling to know what...
  6. Perry

    Nice and Clean

    Well as I had a couple of days off (start new job Thursday) one of the ways to chill was to give the car a good clean clean today - Here goes in no real order - Is this going a bit to far ? Audi by Perry Giffin, on Flickr Interior Audi by Perry Giffin, on Flickr Audi by Perry Giffin...
  7. Perry

    Lead In Boot

    Gave the Audi a bit of a clean (see other thread for pics) and I came across a lead in the boot where the sub is - (pics below) to my very limited knowledge is this the lead for a cd changer ? Audi by Perry Giffin, on Flickr Audi by Perry Giffin, on Flickr Thanks
  8. Perry

    Vw Polo EGR Valve

    Does anyone know if the EGR valve comes apart to clean it - pic as below
  9. Perry

    VW Polo 6n2

    My other half has just bought a 51 plate VW Polo - however the previous owner has covered up the management light on the dash with some black insulating tape - due to a faulty EGR valve rather than fix hid the light. Now this has been sorted I want to remove the tape - however it is behind the...
  10. Perry

    Vibration in 4th Gear

    Pretty much as the title says - when in 4th gear (and only 4th gear) the gear stick seems to vibrate quite a bit, is this something I should be conerned about or is it a common occurence? 1st,2nd,3rd, & 5th are all ok. Thanks in advance.
  11. Perry

    Hello from me

    Just thought I would say hello - I have just bought my first Audi - nothing special it's an R reg A3 1.8 SE. Been used to owning Vauxhall's and Vw's and just sold my MK3 Golf GTI and that funded the A3 purchase. No pictures yet but I am sure I will be seeking advice soon enough :-)