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  1. 73pop

    S3 sadly has to go

    Since i had my little boy in October its been a bit of a struggle with the lack of boot space due to 4wd. we have a static caravan that we go to most weekends, the older boy wanted to take his bike this weekend and there was just no room to get it in! Its breaking my heart but family comes...
  2. 73pop

    headlight height

    how do i adjust the hight of the beam? Now the nights are getting longer and driving a friends s3 i have realised how low they are. thanks
  3. 73pop

    engine mounts

    Is any body running uprated ones or have any suggestions? This is the next on my list as i work to stage3. Good black friday deal would be good:smiley:
  4. 73pop

    best engine oil extractor pump

    As per title what do people recommend?
  5. 73pop

    rear interior light

    Is there any way to stop this coming on when ignition is turned off/ door opened ect? Now its getting dark early when we have our baby in the back its like shining a spot light in his face? so wakes him up or hurts his eyes! Not sure what rear light i have but its very bright. thanks lee
  6. 73pop

    Anti theft device

    saw this on Facebook. Parking wardens are using them instead of clamps! The only way to remove them without a pin code is to smash the windscreen.
  7. 73pop

    One word springs to mind

    And I can't say it here
  8. 73pop

    dyno mode

    there is a thred on the r forum that the r can be put into dyne mode when using a 2wd dyno. dose the s3 have this ??
  9. 73pop

    Unicorn map

    apr to unicorn feels rapid now.
  10. 73pop


    can this be run on mac or is it strictly windows? also where is the best place to buy a cable?
  11. 73pop

    paint repair

    What would be the best way to sort this out? I have no idea how it happened. i personal think my mrs has gone to open the door with her key in her hand but she having none of it and being 8 month pregnant i won't push it
  12. 73pop

    carbon clean

    At what miles would this be worth doing??
  13. 73pop

    reverse mirror tilt

    This feature has stopped working on my car. I am just at Audi having a service so asked them to look at it but they are saying my car doesn't have that feature. They are saying you have electric memory seats to have that function is that right?? It worked before so I am at a loss
  14. 73pop

    Best baby seat pram combo

    Boot space is short in the s3 sport back! so just looking for experiences of other owners of what they used? will be a newborn, won't know if its a boy or girl. Something that is easy up and down would be good too. thanks lee
  15. 73pop

    fitting fmic

    Fitting a front mount intercooler on friday a long with a rs3 grill has anybody any suggetions or ideas on what els should i be looking to do while i have the front end off? thanks
  16. 73pop

    What is this

    a friend had a little bump this morning in his S3, number plate and surround fell off. The grill is also fubar! There is some sort of censor left hanging( see picture) what is it?
  17. 73pop

    TTE killer incoming

    No chance now all i will be asking about is prams!! got to say happy as Larry tho.
  18. 73pop

    Apr/revo stage 2 dyno runs

    Should have checked that title before I pressed create will add my print out here and @james123 will add his at some point Both cars have same mods on awesome gti rollers Mods are turbo back milltek,vwr intake Mine is Apr stage 2. Not quite the 400bhp they said it could make but drives well so...
  19. 73pop

    mag ride

    With driver select it changes the suspension stiffness ect ect. Is there any way these values can be adjusted with vag-com or any other software i.e. to make it harder or softer than Audi have set it to?
  20. 73pop

    Calliper badge

    The s3 badge on the callipers is not there on one side, can these fall off easy or do they need prizing off? Would the alloy need to be off to remove it? Thanks lee