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  1. missile

    SQ5 Android Head

    Hi, I would like to replace the head unit on my SQ5 with an Android 10.25". Has anyone done similar? Who would you recommend to fit?
  2. missile

    Scone Palace 13.00 on Saturday 11th April

    There is a meet: 13.00 tomorrow at Scone Palace :rulez:
  3. missile

    VAGCOM / VCDS in St Fergus

    VAGCOM / VCDS in St Fergus: Contact Brn7y via this thread. > Audi Drive Select Activation VCDS - myAUDIQ5 forum
  4. missile

    Das Auto

    You guys may be interested in this > BBC Two - Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and Us
  5. missile

    Alford Speed Fest 30th June

    Alford Speed Fest 30th June 2013. and on 08th September two wheel mayhem alford 2011 moped mayhem - YouTube
  6. missile

    Vintage rallies

    Hi, FYI, there are two vintage rallies this weekend: Saturday 11th 11- 15.00hrs in Inverness, see Sunday 12th 11 - 15.00hrs in Buckie, see
  7. missile

    Smiles during my A7 Test Drive

    I took out the A7 S Line 3.0TDI for a test drive. It has the same bi turbo engine and transmission as the SQ5 I have on order. Performance from that engine is awesome. As expected, the acceleration is instant with a deep growl which stirs the soul. What did surprise me is how comfortable and...
  8. missile

    Meet in Aberdeen

    4 hardy souls braved the snow on a cold night in Aberdeen last night for a chat, a beer and some scran. Would any of you guys/gals be interested in joining us for a regular get together, at 06.30pm at a local wattering hole on the first Wednesday of every month?
  9. missile

    Meet on February 13th

    Hi, We would like to invite you to a join the meeting on Wed 13th 06.30pm @ Gillies Lair Aberdeen. See here > The Audi TT Forum :: View topic - ABZ 13 My appologise for the short notice.
  10. missile

    Audi OEM Part?

    Can anyone confirm which OEM parts for Audi are made in China? Thanks,