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  1. Longy

    B&O Sound System Volume

    Yes, I tried once to see if my B&O had the crackling issue so I turned up the volume to 30, it was deafening. Couldn't leave it at that volume for long at all, I generally have it between 18-20. So I would say, it should be plenty loud for anyone's needs.
  2. Longy

    BH's Sepang Blue B8.5 Audi S4 Black Edition Saloon

    That's so funny, I was only thinking just now if you had collected your S3 already BH, so looks like you enjoy the waiting game. By the way, isn't there a new S7 on the way or recently released?
  3. Longy

    Nearly signed on the dotted line then had a colour flashback problem....

    Haha, here we go again, it feels like déjà vu. Any colour will show swirls, trick is to avoid getting them in the first place. Or get Opti-coat/Modesta paint protection (they normally do a paint correction first), then the job of keeping your car looking shiney and new is so much easier. For...
  4. Longy

    S3 Reviews...a collection

    Here is a comparison article on Riviera vs Nogaro blue:
  5. Longy

    SD Card for Music

    I'm currently using the microSD and a caddy, had it once when turned on car, no music played, checked media and selected SD only for it to say no SD loaded, so popped it out, and pushed it in again, all good again. So maybe I should either transfer all the songs onto the inbuilt HDD or get an...
  6. Longy

    Soon to be S3 Owner. :)

    Took delivery of our S3 back in Oct, so nearly 12 weeks, but sadly haven't really had time to drive it a great deal - work commitments and Christmas/New Years holiday. Only done 770km, and most of that is driving to and from work, and only have refilled the car once. Are we happy with the car...
  7. Longy

    What Should Audi Do To Improve The 8V A3 / S3

    HUD with digital speed readout rather than in between the dials on the dash as high speeds are reached very quickly, as it doesn't feel like you're actually travelling that fast until you look down at the speedo.
  8. Longy

    Test drove S3 yesterday-SOLD!

    One is crystal effect and the other is pearl effect.
  9. Longy

    Test drove S3 yesterday-SOLD!

    I think it's more about what colour shows the dirt more than others, ie like colours like whites and silvers show the dirt less than darker colours like blacks and blues. Colour will be a personal choice, go with your heart, otherwise you will have regrets afterwards, don't worry about the...
  10. Longy

    Order Help: standard equipment not shown on build #

    That is similar to us in Australia, we get a longer list of standard vs what the S3 is equipped with in the UK, so as long as the dealership ticks all the correct inclusions, it will be all good. But once the car is built, you should be able to get the VIN from the dealership, with that, sign...
  11. Longy

    Would anyone else do this? (LED INDICATORS)

    No need to do that here in Australia, even with the standard Xenon headlights, tail lights are LED.
  12. Longy

    S3 iPhone users

    Nice, just changed the background and lock screen for my iPad to that, thanks for sharing!
  13. Longy

    Big day tomorrow!!

    Yes, I say it's what you pointed out Vertigo, and the the Stop/Start did not activate due to a number of reasons, ie battery isn't fully charged, you have air-con on.
  14. Longy

    Big day tomorrow!!

    B&O only have lights around the front speakers.
  15. Longy

    What's this button for?

    Thanks for that bit of info, thought it was only for volume, been trying to find an easier way to re-play a track rather than have MMI on media screen and scrolling wheel up and pressing on it to re-play.
  16. Longy

    So if you ordered your car all over again....

    Our S3 in Australia comes with only a few options, and stuff that you guys have to tick in the UK are standard on our cars, only options were: S Performace pack, Driver assistance pack, folding mirrors, privacy glass, (ticked all those), and ones I didn't ticked were sunroof, load through and...
  17. Longy

    Big day tomorrow!!

    Very nice Jonny, great colour too :) But as Steeve has always said, it's hard too keep clean, and he wasn't joking either! I know, as every day my car looks so dirty straight away, but hopefully now with a coat of Modesta, it wouldn't take much to wash.
  18. Longy

    S3 Age and Mileage

    2 months and just 650 km so far, been garaged for 5 weeks due to work commitments. Was surprised that it still started after that, my previous Subarus would flatten it's battery after around 4 weeks.
  19. Longy

    Electric mirrors

    On my S3, to have the mirrors fold in when you lock the door, and open up again when you unlock the car, it's in the mmi under the central locking options.
  20. Longy

    S3 saloon s tronic question

    By having mag ride, you get the "Individual" option configuration for drive select, ie you have the ability to customise your drive (steering, engine and suspension).