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  1. brettp

    2008 A4 Alloys - BBS CH-R fitment

    Hi, new to this section as im currently selling my S3 and may have the chance in the next few weeks to buy my bosses A4 S line. I have a set of wheels from my S3 and I presume that they would fit, so may keep hold of them for the moment. They are BBS CH-R 112 8.5 x19 ET 48 am I correct in...
  2. brettp

    Stolen Golf Mk6 GTI

    A friend of a friend got his car stolen if anyone could keep their eyes or ears open. Stolen on Monday night - this car is heavily modified and stands out like a sore thumb - If anyone sees this car please pm me, will be on false plates - £2K reward... ...... Current reg number N10HE. No VW...
  3. brettp

    Please Help - BBS CK or BBS CH-R

    I just wanted peoples opinion on wheels.... (yes another thread) I have always loved the CK, I think ever since I saw a picture of (deckedS3??) I may have the chance in buying a set of 2nd hand CK's couple of marks so I may powder coat or spray a slightly darker colour. Or do I go for...
  4. brettp

    Gutted - Help with Touch up Sepeng Blue

    I am gutted, I managed to pick up a stone chip over the weekend, I know it is inevitable but upset isnt the word. I called a dealer this morning who have kindly told me that Audi dont do a Touch up for Sepang Blue, does anyone know if thats right? I thought yes it may be rarer than some colours...
  5. brettp

    Price Request My11 Lights and Alloys

    Hi, please could you provide a price for a pair or S3 MY11 Rear Light clusters along with the 2011 18" Rotor Alloys on the new S3. Thanks in advance
  6. brettp

    The discount / Dealer used

    I am currently looking at purchasing a BE S3 or BE A3 170, still not sure what part of me is winning. The side that is sensible and gets the oil burner or the side of me that gets the S3, a car that I have always wanted. hmmm I have seen numerous posts of people getting 10-12% discount...
  7. brettp

    Puzzled - Possible Prop Shaft Query

    Sorry in advance, I have never had any problems with a 4wd car. So here goes, when I was going down the Motorway, I accelerated from 50 - 70 and then heard a reasonably loud bang and then some metal grinding togather. As anyone would, the words sh*t and this sounds expensive sprung to mind...
  8. brettp

    Help!! Anyone know where I could get a Prop Shaft?

    Hi, I have a 2002 TDI Quattro (A3) and the prop shaft has gone, does anyone know of where I could get one apart from Audi? as they want £900 + VAT:crying: Had a quick search online but cant find anything Thanks in advance
  9. brettp

    Price For Service Please

    Hi, Im not going to be much help, I have a 2002, A3 TDI Quattro. It is due a service in a few weeks. It has quite a few miles but has got full Audi history that I would like to keep up. Im not sure if a basic service is due etc. If I send you the reg is it possible for you to check the system...