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    I'm Racing this year!

    Hi all, Just wondering if there are any other people who take part in motorsport? I'm racing for the first time this year in the MK1 MR2 series. Here's my beast! Had it a couple of weeks now, just a bare shell and engine left now. Uploaded with Mid engined, rear...
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    The New Driving Test

    Just been having a bit of a read on the new driving test that comes in today, Candidates will now have to drive around independently for around 10 minutes on a specified rout although will not fail if they ask for directions or go off route. They will also now only have to complete one...
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    New Focus ST

    Now I know this won't go down well on here, But I've always been a fan of fords. But I'm very unsure on the new ST. Motoring News | Honest John The front and back just look appalling to me. Your thoughts?
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    Does anything happen around the staffordshire/midlands area, only one I've seen on here is In Cov, which doesn't seem to have happened for a while? Would be nice to have a meet with a few people and see a few cars from on here.
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    Driving an R8 tomorrow :)

    As the title says, I'm driving an R8 :) Just a track day at Silverstone, which I got for christmas but have only just got around to doing. I'm quite excited as you'd expect :) Not even sat in one yet let alone driven one, First time on a track too :blink:
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    Dismantling Interior

    Evening, Might be simple but i'm buggered if i can find anything, How do you remove the two 'arms' as such which are either side of the gear lever. Come from either side of the radio/controls. And also how to take the gear knob and Gaiter off? Mines a bit worn now and needs changing...
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    Does anyone know where I can get BBS Locking bolts from?

    Just brought a set of BBS CK's in Anthracite for my A3, but didn't come with any locking bolts, so looking to get some, does anyone know where to get Genuine BBS ones from (or any decent ones)? Had a good search but not found a lot. Wheels look good anywho :) Thanks, Tom.
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    Retrofitting fogs

    Firstly, this is my first post, been on here for a while and got a nice few tips :) Driving a 2004 8p 2.0L FSI in black, had it for a couple of months now and love it. The only thing missing is fogs. Had a good look around the site but can't find anything on it. So just wondering if its...
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    Looking to buy an A3

    As the title states. Looking to buy an A3, most likely 04/05. either 1.6 or 2.0l Just wondering if there's anything that needs to be checked before i buy, common problems likely to arise, and things which are likely to cost me big money. Been reading through the forum and have a few...