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    For Sale Genuine Audi UTR front and rear dash cams

    I recently traded my 19 reg S3 and removed the dash cams. I had paid the dealer to hard wire them in but I didn't get time to get the wiring removed so I have both traffic cameras for sale but the buyer would need to buy the wiring. The car only had 2,300 miles on when I sold it so the cameras...
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    New to me, S3 to C43

    Hi everyone I've given the car a bit of a clean in between showers. I know it's not an audi but a couple of chaps have asked to see it. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and its had 4,000 miles put on at the dealers with obviously no protection on it. I never pay for the protection they offer...
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    Gap insurance

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking of Gap insurance and wondered if anyone has heard of Aequitas Automotive Limited? It came up on a search and their quote seems reasonable compared to the dealer £191 for a 3 year policy. Or can anyone give me any companies to search for please? Thanks anyone
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    Can anyone remember the chap who moved from S3 to BMW then C43?

    Hello everyone, I just wondered if anyone can remember what the chap is called who had the Audi and moved to a white BMW and then a dark colour Mercedes C43? I have searched but I can't find the post. I just wondered how he was getting on with it. I came to Audi from a Mercedes 250d c class...
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    Audi S3 vs Golf R

    Hello everyone I thought I would ask what people think who perhaps have knowledge of the Golf R. I have a new S3 and since getting it, my partner has fancied changing his year old Mercedes a250 with the new digital dash. I must say, coming from a Mercedes myself, I do think the Audi interior is...
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    Dynamic mode S3 2019

    Hello everyone I visited the local dealer last week with a friend and we got talking about my 2019 saloon model to the salesman while we were there. He was asking if I was enjoying it etc. I told him that when it is in dynamic mode, it doesn't make the same noise from the exhaust as the 2019...
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    Hello just bought a S3 saloon 2019

    Hello everyone I've been reading your site for a while and thought I would join today. I've bought a 2019 Navarra blue S3 saloon and loving it up to now