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  1. Sn00ten

    Sold Cete Active Valve Controller (AVC) S3/RS3 (8V)

    Unashamedly pinched zippsters photo (mine is exactly the same - taking it off the car this afternoon) Cete Active Valve Controller - under three months old, fitted late May. Only selling due to parting ways with the RS3 (for now!) This little bit of tech is genius and makes the car sound like...
  2. Sn00ten

    The Expanse - Finally on Amazon Prime!

    As the title says, The Expanse S1-3 is finally on Prime (UK) :thumbs up: I was rather miffed when it disappeared from Netflix after S2, and 'acquired' S3 a few weeks ago so I've watched it all. If you like your Sci-Fi then it's an absolute must, one of the best series in a long long time -...
  3. Sn00ten

    New RS3 Saloon Owner

    Hi all. I'm Mike from Warwickshire and the proud owner of an Ara Blue RS3 Saloon with all the trimmings - absolutely awesome car and a joy to drive. Looking forward to being part of the boards! :thumbs up: