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    HOW TO: Fit cruise control to an A3 1.8T (pic heavy)

    The pins are the same if you have the same *number* of pins on the ecu. As I recall there is only two, a 55 pin (or similar number, for 1.4's I think) and a 140-odd-ish pin, like our 1.8t's. Pins should just be the same on all these I think.
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    top mounts

    Pretty easy, no need to remove the strut completely I jacked up the car and removed the wheel, then used another jack to raise the wishbone and compress the strut, then tied the spring up with ratchet straps wihile compressed. Undo top fixings, yes it's tricky, use a spark plug socket with an...
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    best led lights?

    My 8L has bulb failure warning, including for numberplates? It's a 2000.
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    best led lights?

    I've bought lots of LED lights for my A3 (every interior, door, side, numberplate light is now LED) The only ones i've had fail are expensive UK ones! My cheapy hong kong specials have been fine. They are all the same anyway. £3 from hong kong, £8 from UK. Same lights. I suggest you search for...
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    footwell light guide

    THink I get it. Yeah must be the LED's then. I think they are surface mount LED's and that's best left to a professinal really. I'm sure there are places that change LED's in dash's. Google 'led cluster modify' - it shows lots of people talking about it!
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    footwell light guide

    I think you'd probably have to change the dash to one with white dials, or POSSIBLY change the plastic dial covers (they come out) however I assume they are lit from behind with white LED's so you'd have to change them too, which would be quite a lot of work lets be honest! I think there are...
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    fuel pump or filter??

    I've seen a genuine one corrode through and leak significantly. Worth a change, easy to do.
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    footwell light guide

    Here's mine: Untitled by Endacy, on Flickr Untitled by Endacy, on Flickr Bought from ebay here: Flexible LED Strip SMD Red - 10cm Piece - 12v - UK | eBay 20cm per side. It's self adhesive but I found it didn't stick well to the dash plastic so I hot-glue-gunned mine on with a few blobs of...
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    ok gentleman, desperate fault code issue.....

    A low battery can cause this I believe, it falsely can report it's the immob when the battery is actually flat. I think I read that somewhere? Or it might be the immo, perhaps the reader coil on the ignition switch is faulty?
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    Tailored Mats

    Have a hunt for genuine ones on ebay, new ones often come up cheaply if you are willing to wait. I think I paid about £30 for all 4 genuine audi mats in my car, in the correct shade of grey. One issue was the floor clips were different on the front ones, but you can buy the clips too from Audi...
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    Haldex pre-charge pump humming - normal?

    Lovely. I have been doing the oil every 10k to make up for the fact it was never serviced for the first 60k of its life. After 10k it gets clunky and locks up, lots of fresh oil seems to keep it smooth. Thanks!
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    Rattle / knock when turning engine off

    My 1.8TQS, when turned off has a knock or rattle from the engine. It doesn't do it when the clutch is depressed. I thought it was gears knocking against each other in the gearbox, but could it be the DMF? It does it when warmed up, not if stopped while still cold. It sounds like the noise a...
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    Haldex pre-charge pump humming - normal?

    Yes it's normal, or yes I should be worried? I'm about to do an oil and filter on the Haldex, would be a waste if I actually need a new one.
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    Haldex pre-charge pump humming - normal?

    Today I was driving with the seats folded completely flat and the radio turned off. When parking up I noticed a quiet whiney hum from the boot area of the car (heard from the inside). Pulling the Haldex fuse 31 stopped it, so it must be the pre charge pump. Is a little hum normal from this, or...
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    The phantom clunk...

    Well if he hasn't....front ARB itself possibly. The locating rings that stop it sliding through the bushes break and fall off, and the ARB shifts to one side and starts knokcing into stuff, then will move back again. Mine had moved about 3" to the drivers side most of the time.
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    Temperature sensor help please

    Seconded - failed thermostat and failed temperature sender rather oddly cause the same symptoms.
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    Broken rear spring - are BAM rear springs same as AMK rear springs?

    I went to Audi for mine for the same reason, concern over the specific spring rates, I paid through the nose but just saying they were 4 blue dot springs, and them turning up, was good.
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    Footwell lighting, what is needed and how?

    I just bought the ones you bought SunnyB - looking forward to a nice little mod that costs less than a tenner!
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    S3 8L Haldex Issues - Driving like a solid rear diff!

    My haldex would occasionally lock, usually i'd notice when i'd park and it would go BANG after turning the ignition off and clunk the drivetrain from the back as the trasmission unwound. Only did it when the ignition was off so similar to yours, locked when powered but would happily unlock...