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  1. Marek196c

    Sold Audi A3 Sportback Sport 2.0 tdi 225 WHP
  2. Marek196c

    Sold Audi A3 Sportback Sport 2.0 tdi 225 WHP

    Re-listed car on gumtree with lower price: Link
  3. Marek196c

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Sadly yes, but hey, no one said I won't come back when I'm sorted :D As can not edit, new link with very discounted price:
  4. Marek196c

    Sold Audi A3 Sportback Sport 2.0 tdi 225 WHP

    So for sale is my Audi A3 as per title, I will copy paste eBay ad as there is basically all about car, as honest as I can go, you can see as well thread in A3 8P forum: Hi from Coventry Please rather send me message via eBay as rarely got time to log in here (sadly). Ad on eBay: Click here
  5. Marek196c

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Selling my A3 2.0 TDi due to health problems. Part of story is on forum - "Hi from Coventry" post.
  6. Marek196c

    Horrible noise from rear

    check your brake lines as it's clearly some metal sound, can be bushes worn out, springs tend to snaps on back, brake disc shield hit by rock that deformed and scratching on rim or even not tightened enough wheel bolts that came loose. IMHO just lift it and check with visually, flat head screw...
  7. Marek196c

    Ipod Connection Help

    cheapest way is to get the adapter from ebay from 30 pin to lightning, but you can find as well on audi ami to lightning adapter.
  8. Marek196c

    S3 Fuel Filter Change Problem

    just drill the old bolt out then tap the clamp and put new stainless or even better ally one so won't corrode.
  9. Marek196c

    S3 Damper Problem?

    normally they need to drive at least 50 miles to get set properly, the only way to check the bushes properly is to pry bar them, they shouldn't move (at least not easily).
  10. Marek196c

    A3 2005 1.6 petrol auto Starting from warm/hot issues

    I would start off starter motor checking, for stalling can be first try checking transmission oil fluid and filter (when they was changed?)
  11. Marek196c

    Audi S3 8p wing mirrors?

    anything from a3 2009 to 2012 should be ok, it's just to the blinker built in. but what is the problem with yours if can I ask?
  12. Marek196c

    S3 8P CTS catch can filling up very fast.

    problem is pvc and it bad, you need to check your engine ASAP, I know some tfsi got serious problem with that (on forum there was someone that failed even the MOT on emissions test and went to audi dealership to solve that) , I would start to check the breather situation, in worst case could be...
  13. Marek196c

    Audi S3 8p wing mirrors?

    they are same for both 5 and 3 doors, but you need FL ones so 2009 onwards
  14. Marek196c

    Armrest Latch

    Did got same probem, my slution...
  15. Marek196c

    Windscreen Wiper Problem

    to me sounds like the wiper motor is on the way out
  16. Marek196c

    DPF Regen warning light (yellow)

    just cut it off and remap quick and painless
  17. Marek196c

    DIY Heater Matrix replacement

    the blower is 1 for all system so if you got strong winds from front vents you should have them as well on windscreen, unless there is a problem with channeling motor that not opening flaps enough (or just dirt in channels)
  18. Marek196c

    Just bought an A3!

    yep, if you remove the lid bezel (2 hidden torx and then pop out) you can remove whole plastic that holding handle and lights (and yes the screws are nightmare to remove, what kind of IDIOT project it?!) and you can try to remove them and replace with m3 hex bolts as aqibi says or any self...