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  1. S3 Wannabe

    235/40 18 Tyres

    Been very impressed with my 4 since they went on my s4 in oct,and still wearing very well. I had 452's on my s3 prior to this, they were fine in the dry but wore to quickly and were poor in the wet.
  2. S3 Wannabe

    S4 handling Vs s3 8l handling

    ping me a message around then. a new house and a wife reluctant to return to work after maternity leave may force my hand around then!
  3. S3 Wannabe

    S4 handling Vs s3 8l handling

    I had a remapped 8L S3 and went to an S4 b6. Personally I've found the s4 a better car in handling terms, it seems to sit more steady and flat in the corners despite the extra weight -I was never that impressed with the S3's after coming from a phase 1 RS Clio 172. Straight line, I'd say there...
  4. S3 Wannabe

    aerial on my a4 avant?

    I'd be interested in your results as I'm having similar issues with mine, keep us posted! (In fact the 2 Audis I've had have always had **** reception and speaker issues!)
  5. S3 Wannabe

    S4 b6 alternator belt - how much?

    Weren't very early ones not water cooled alternators?????
  6. S3 Wannabe

    S4 b6 alternator belt - how much?

    I had my alternator go not long after getting mine, off the top of my head I think I paid £750 mates rates for all parts and fitting. £600 probably isn't too far off for the part.
  7. S3 Wannabe

    B6 S4 good or bad

    I've had mine for year now and love it. It's not that bad on fuel when driven sensibly at times and cheaper on tax than newer models. Great low down torque but with top end sparkle the diesel won't give you. It's deceptively quick, may be a little boring because of the linear power delivery and...
  8. S3 Wannabe

    Days like this just don't come along very often.......

    I'm pretty sure coil packs are around £100 aren't they??? So that times 8 plus an hours work cannot be to far off a grand. None publicised recall of inferior coil packs fitted to cars from 2002-4/5ish (not exactly sure), mine were still original ones fitted and therefore eligible for free...
  9. S3 Wannabe

    Days like this just don't come along very often.......

    After reading a few reports of Audi changing coil packs free of charge, I popped into my local dealer earlier this week to see if I qualified. Much to my amazement my luck was in and this morning they changed all 8 including labour free of charge! Champagne in my household tonight, best part of...
  10. S3 Wannabe

    Audi s4 versus ???????? stories.......

    Ouch! :asskicking::rulez:
  11. S3 Wannabe

    Audi s4 versus ???????? stories.......

    ..... there don't seem to be many or any on here! Is it just me not seeing them, or do we S4 drivers not indulge in that sort of thing? When I had my 8L S3 these sorts of stories would always appear on the other forum and were often quite interesting, -as well as comical! However since...
  12. S3 Wannabe

    S4 Bought ......

    Don't worry about the short rattle on start up its normal and i doubt an oil change will change it. With regard to the sensation of speed, you ain't going to really feel how quick it is as the power delivery is so smooth and linear, combined with solid build quality -it ain't no civic type r...
  13. S3 Wannabe

    Retro Fit - Front LED's

    Am i the only one who thinks that daytime running lights looks chavvy and tacky????? It really puts me off new Audis.
  14. S3 Wannabe

    Symphony II - iPod Connection

    x carlink do one i think.
  15. S3 Wannabe

    S4 V8 buying guide

    As with any car, when the clutch needs replacing depends on previous driving, so 100K is probably about right for one which has been driven relatively sensibly. As for the chain I don't think it is too much of an issue, it's the tensioners which can fail and screw the chain up. It's a gamble...
  16. S3 Wannabe

    S4 V8 buying guide

    Audi : Audi S4 Avant 4.2 V8 Looks pretty good mate, get yer **** over asap! Paid a little less for mine last summer with 57K and similar spec. Average 27mpg on a run but well below 20 when haring it. Love it to bits, if you don't do high miles for work and can afford the fuel at weekends go...
  17. S3 Wannabe

    B6 S4 v A5 3.0TDI Q 0-60

    Was the Porsche driver asleep at the start?