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  1. coatesy

    s3 8l ming blue i think? gray stones round about

    twenty past four time. grey stones round about. then you picked some one up in lazenby village. i was in the a3 at the round about and then you drove past my house on grange estate. pop in next time if the a3 is on the drive, id like to perv over you s3.
  2. coatesy

    what size wheels do you have on the rear?

    yo! im looking at getting some new alloys and would like a staggered fitments 9's on the rear, 8's on the front. the tyres will be 235/40/18 on the rear is this going to catch on the arch of my a3? do any of you run this and have no problems or anybody have any suggestions? ps. im not a...
  3. coatesy

    north east thread

    hello, can we have a north east section in the local events section please :) im trying to make some sort of asn meet for us north east lot :D
  4. coatesy

    Petrol station wrongly advertising the petrol

    I'm annoyed at this, I go to the "shell" garage on the way to work. There is signs up saying its going to be a BP garage soon. Right fine, I put "v power" in my car as it says on the pump "v power". I go in to pay and hand my shell card over woman says we are nit shell anymore we are BP. I...
  5. coatesy

    Guild wars 2

    Bit of a long shot since everyone on here has a life out side of car modding lol Anyone play guild wars 2
  6. coatesy

    Stopping smoking

    Right then iv smoked for years since I was 13/14 I'm 22 now, tbh I don't like it, want to stop as its a nasty *** habbit. My problem is all day I haven't had anything to smoke and all its done is turn me in to a grade A nasty *******. Also had a massive headache all day. I don't want to take...
  7. coatesy

    random pop up

    while browsing the forum this raided on screen, i don't know if its because some one has invaded the forum with some sort of poop up/survey add , just because my pc is on lock down (no spyware or malware or viruses)
  8. coatesy

    thanks sky

    had to get some new insurance after been told by my old insurer to modify my car then ring them to get some insurance. i did so and rang them this morning for them to say sorry we cant insure you on a modified car..... so that was me not happy.... until! i rang sky and spoke to Sam who was the...
  9. coatesy

    buying mikalor clamps?

    hello everyone not to sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, anyway i am posting it here because im cool..... i was browsing the interwebnet last night to buy some mikalor clamps and there mega expensive. until i came across this website. i ordered 14 clamps and it was only 21...
  10. coatesy


    Go f*ck yourself... That's all.
  11. coatesy

    hand talent

    Hand Talent - YouTube mute the music and its defiantly for those with a good sense of humour almost childish
  12. coatesy

    My a3 will go fast! (build thread)

    Hello every one and welcome to my build thread. it all started about two years ago when i got my 1997 a3 1.8t sport. here is the first pic I took of it when I got it. best day ever considering my only other car was 1.4 rover 25 which to be fair i blew up :) i paid 2k for it. when i bough...
  13. coatesy

    help please. oil pressure light :(

    the car is a 1997 1.8T sport AGU so this morning i checked my oil to see if it was low, it wasn't the oil was at a good level, after 5 mins of driving the oil pressure light comes on. so i pull over check the oil level its just on half way on the dip stick (you know the little groove thing it...
  14. coatesy

    automatic lights in a toilet

    so whats the point.. okay i know the point its to save the planet and cut down electricity bills at work but is there any need for them to be in a toilet, to be half way through a poo then boom the lights go off ..... nice one! if any was wondering it was a good poo, i feel loads lighter...
  15. coatesy

    the right timing belt kit ?

    which one is the right one for my car, its an a3 1997 agu 1.8t sport.... GO! ContiTech Audi | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer or...
  16. coatesy

    GSF car parts

    could someone tell me if GSF car parts sell OEM / good quality products. im only asking this because there prices are way cheaper than everywhere else i have looked. also a little question when you buy an oil pump does it come with the pick up or is that sold separate? cheers Alex
  17. coatesy

    heat wrap

    i was thinking of getting some heat wrap to put around my hot side intercooler pipe work, im pretty sure it looked like 16Klappe had some on his a3 pipe work. i just wanted to get people opinions, i think of it this way wrap the pipes and less heat will be dispersed in to the engine bay...
  18. coatesy

    scruffy scum bags

    iv seen on here quite a lot in the past couple of weeks people having stuff stolen or vandalized by ar$e holes who just don't give a toss about people belongings, Last night my mates MK1 golf cabby was stolen by two scrotes, luckily they took it to somebody's house to try and sell it and the...
  19. coatesy

    tell me more

    anybody tell me about this, i just found it in my cupboard it was in my a3 when i bought it (mods and admin's sorry if this should be posted some where else) its a Becker Traffic Pro High speed from what it says on the box it says its like a satnav/radio/cdplayer. id just like to know if they...
  20. coatesy

    cracks in rocker

    when i was cleaning the car today and giving under the bonnet a wipe, i noticed some cracks in the rocker cover this a bad thing, there not major cracks i have a picture there where a few more in another couple of places.