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  1. Brodster

    RSQ3 Eventuri on RSQ3

    Hi all Has anyone fitted an Eventuri intake to a PFL RSQ3 thats for an RS3 PFL. Just want to know if its possible and if there any fitting issues - was expecting there to be around the slam panel. Cheers
  2. Brodster

    Mr JWW’s ABT Upgrade

    My daughter has just bought this S1 and I can say its a lovely wee car to drive. No clutch issues and comes with some very nice extras. Fairly rapido too
  3. Brodster

    New ABT S1

    Hey guys. My daughter has acquired a Vegas Yellow ABT S1 (Mr JWW's off Youtube) - what a machine with 310bhp. I have acquired a Racingline turbo elbow (Golf GTi item) and silicone pipe for it due to me being a technical centre for them BUT on fitment of the turbo elbow the PCV pipe is too short...
  4. Brodster

    Eventuri intake

    Anyone up for an Eventuri intake for their pride n joy.
  5. Brodster

    Audi Hamilton meet

    Right has been approved by the bosses at Hamilton Audi. 26th November @ 11.00. They will be laying on some nice high end performance cars and also providing food and beverages on the day......all you need to do is turn up.
  6. Brodster

    New car

    Yeah was looking at Eventuri which I can get so may go for them but they are kind of pricey. Milltek was on the cards as need to free up some noise. Overall Im happy with it. Totally different kind of power to the supercharged S4......which I do miss as it was insanely fast.
  7. Brodster

    Audi Hamilton meet

    Just for all you Scottish members. Im organising a clan meet at Hamilton Audi very shortly. We have over 100 cars on the list at the moment. Entire front of garage will be cleared out so we can get everything in place. Food and beverages will be taken care of by the dealership and they will be...
  8. Brodster

    New car

    Just thought I'd pop up and say hello. Been on here for many years on the S3 and S4 forums but now upgraded to the B8 RS4. Was looking at a B9 but the price tag put me off so had the chance of a low mileage, fully loaded one in Misano Red so bought it. Tuning will commence this week with stage...
  9. Brodster


    You need to select left mirror when in reverse for it to work. You can also enable oil temp on DIS and also for alot of guys Video In Motion which allows passengers to watch DVD's on the screen. I have about 6 pages of B8 tweaks if anyone wants them
  10. Brodster

    S4 WMI

    You can have it mapped in or you can have it purely for cooling so no mapping needed. Have seen alot of pump failures and engines cooking when the meth was dialed in so mine will be purely for cooling with no mapping. Basically the same as a charge cooler principle. It will be logged anyway on...
  11. Brodster

    S4 WMI

    Anyone on here running water meth on their B8/B8.5 S4. Currently speaking to Bruce @ DevilsOwn as they have a kit for our engines. Want to crack 500bhp for this years 1/4 mile season and dont really fancy paying over a grand for a new charge cooler when then WMI kit can do the same at a 1/4 of...
  12. Brodster

    S4 supercharger cooling mods

    Only thing I need now to get into 500bhp territory is something like this.
  13. Brodster

    Cars and Coffee

    There's a whole host of us going up from The Audi Clan in the central belt and alot coming down from Aberdeen so its going to be a busy day on the 1/4 mile.
  14. Brodster

    Crail Raceway 4th of September 2016

    Lots of us going up mate from central belt (got about 60 so far) and the Aberdeen bunch. Its going to be a busy day
  15. Brodster

    [Jul 17, 2016] Scottish Car Show 2016 (Edinburgh)

    Wasnt a bad day to be stayed dry. We had 20 cars on our stand over at the riding school but felt that the total attendance was way down on last year for some reason. The top 50 cars inside wasnt even 50............there were only 30 cars listed which was a massive drop on last year.
  16. Brodster

    Cars and Coffee

    Large Audi gathering at Crail Raceway on the 4th September for German Invasion. Alot of high powered cars going too so should be a good day.
  17. Brodster

    VCDS Glasgow Area

    For the RNSE to work properly it will need recoded but all depends on what extras the donor vehicle had. Chances of both vehcles having the same are quite high but easily recoded - takes about 15/20 mins to do.
  18. Brodster

    [Jul 17, 2016] Scottish Car Show 2016 (Edinburgh)

    Its still on - just the organisers have been on holiday guys so will PM you.
  19. Brodster

    My B8 build plans ..??..

    Need to post up if you get that strut brace and if it makes any significant difference. I think it will be a nice addition to stiffen it all up along with your ARB's as mine has front and rear Eibachs and that makes a huge difference especially to the S4 Avant.
  20. Brodster

    [Jul 17, 2016] Scottish Car Show 2016 (Edinburgh)

    It'll be better than last year John. Will drop you a text mate with whats going on......;)