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    S8 D2 buyers guide

    Hi all just looking for a decent buyers guide for S8 D2. cant find anything decent.. or are there any owners on here with any tips? Thanks
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    Mods before Map

    All I have so far is Forge 007p DV and a pipercross panel filter. Want to add a couple extras before remap but I don't want to go over the top with mods, I think i'll be where I want to be after those few extras plus a map
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    Mods before Map

    sorry its a 2002 s3 BAM
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    Mods before Map

    I'm looking to get a remap in the near future and I was wondering what easy cheap mods to do before a remap to get that extra few HP when they map it. I was looking at a exhaust but i dont really want to spend that much. would a TIP or DV help at all?
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    Should the UK stay in the EU?

    OUT!! dont let the media use their scare tactics on you to make you want to stay in. it benefits the elite only. we can govern ourselves, don't need some random suits in Belgium telling us what to do. We will still be able to trade freely with any country inside and out the EU. The EU is slowly...
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    S3 Perfect 'drop' question..

    I got eibach pro's, they dropped the car about 35mm which I think is perfect, not too low but makes the car look a lot better in my opinion, wheels and arches look just right
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    Headlamp igniter

    can anyone recommend me a decent one? or is it just an ebay job?
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    Headlamp igniter

    does that not change anything, the brightness of the light? Would it be best to do both or can I get away with doing 1?
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    Headlamp igniter

    Hi all I thought I had a bulb out on my S3, turns out its the igniter and you cant buy these separately, needs a new headlamp... Is there any way around this? Thanks
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    quick clean. I'll post more up later, this ones just a teaser ;)
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    How many miles?

    what happened to it?
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    How many miles?

    good to know I've still got 50k miles on some of you lot! any difference in the car when you go 150k+ miles when would you think you'd need a full rebuild, 200k?
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    How many miles?

    Just wondering how long can these engines last? I have a BAM S3 on 107k, i know thats nothing compared to others but I was just wondering how far they can go. whats the highest mileage S3 you've seen?
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    Lowering my Audi

    go for the eibach pro kit then. I think you can pick them up for sub £200 now. or any others with a 35mm drop will be good. Not even that hard to fit if you got the tools for it
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    Lowering my Audi

    My s3 is lowered on eibach pro spings, think its dropped it 35mm, looks good. anything more than that will make it unpractical, I can just about get over speed bumps if i take them slow, 50mm would scrape
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    Seat Removal

    Hi all I want to remove my seats on the s3 so I can give it a proper clean inside. my mate tried it on his and now the air bag light is on and he cant get rid of it Is there a special way to do it to avoid this, do i just need to disconnect the battery first? anyone done it before?
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    Better Brakes S3

    As some of you may agree i think the standard brakes on the S3 8L are pretty pants so how to get more stopping power? do i need to get bigger calipers? (i know alot of people use the Cupra R brembos) or can I get away with upgraded discs & pads and getting braided brake lines and a high...
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    Recommend me a car vacuum.

    VAX 6131T. brought myself one the other day. I think its end of line because there's some good deals around at the mo £65 reduced from £179. wet and dry so you can shampoo the carpets and get that show clean
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    Window sticker and protective film removal

    thanks, will hairdryer do on the film, looks quite brittle but thats probably because of age. hopefully this pic will help