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  1. kbaryeh

    Audi A5 2009 - Exterior Handle Not Working

    There's a few threads about this, but for the passenger side which tends to be at fault "white grease to the linkage between the handle and the mechanism in the door" if that doesn't work may need someone to look at it. I'd do a search on here, wont be the only one who's had this
  2. kbaryeh


    Started off with 1.6 A3 2000 then jumped ship to BMW E46 Coupe which i had for close to 14 yrs... then fell in love with Audi's again in perticular the S5 and proud owner of a gorgeous V8 Coupe in Deep Sea Blue. Love everything about it... Hope to get some mod ideas :yum:
  3. kbaryeh

    New member b7 tfsi quattro

    :sign welcome:
  4. kbaryeh

    Ceramic coating?

    Paid about 750 to get mine done along with the alloys that and paint correction. Makes a big difference :salute:
  5. kbaryeh

    Snow foam gun/lance recommendations

    Yet to use my kercher k2 snow foam lance, reviews have not been bad hence i got it. Soon find out i guess.
  6. kbaryeh

    How to: Upload pictures to the forum

    Probably should have read this before attempting to upload. :sos:
  7. kbaryeh

    S5 full fat V8 content

    Only reason i got my V8 over the V6 :thumbs up:
  8. kbaryeh

    A5/S5 Picture Thread

    Thaink ive found the twin to mine :hearteyes: is the colour Deep Sea Blue ?
  9. kbaryeh

    A5/S5 Picture Thread

    Jeeze not been on here since I had an A3 back in the naughties. A little late to the party. Some awesome pics
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  12. kbaryeh

    Fitting facelift A3/S3 headlights to a pre facelift 1998 A3

    Have you got any pics of this Bromely? I was going to do mine but too much headache ended up selling the lights
  13. kbaryeh

    Service plus extras at 76k miles. Ouch.

    That sounds reasonable i recnetly had mine serviced cost me £250 and i was cryin and that was only a basic service. My rear wiper motor needs replacing got quoted about £200 so i didnt bother getting that done. Im sure if you go to the main dealer it would be alot more!!!
  14. kbaryeh

    zender front bumper

    Hi you could try this website They have other makes also