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  1. chrisa4quat

    B7 Vossen cvt 20" rs4 b7

    Hi all as the car is going the 20's are too. Below is a pic with them on car. Car is completely standard with these pics. These wheels at over £3000 plus spacers. They could do with a refurb but tyres as new. Continentals. Looking for £1000 including spacers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. chrisa4quat

    B7 Phone cradle

    Hi all, I have a phone cradle for a Nokia 6230 in my b7 rs4. If I buy an iPhone 6 cradle will this just plug n play so I have hands free do you know? Thanks
  3. chrisa4quat

    B7 Location of rs owners

    Just thought I'd ask where owners are, be great to have a meet see what people are doing/have done/have planned etc. I'll start. Leicester
  4. chrisa4quat

    B7 Decat or sports cat b7 rs4

    Hi all As a I've I'm looking to enhance my b7 a bit. What would people suggest. I'm happy to keep swapping decat at mot time if I need to. Decat a lot cheaper but not sure on noise etc. If you recommend sports cats. 100 or 200 cell? Thanks in advance
  5. chrisa4quat

    B7 rs4 induction kit

    Anyone tried this from piper cross? On offer at present
  6. chrisa4quat

    Leon cupra r splitter b7 rs4

    Whilst I'm here I may aswell ask all my questions lol. I've been looking at the Leon cupra r splitter for the front end. I know people say it's not wide enough but I quite like it. Anyone got any better suggestions or fitted one? Are they easy to fit etc?
  7. chrisa4quat

    Exhaust sound

    Hi all, I have a milltek non res cat back on my b7 and am thinking of buying the 200 cell cats to go with it. Anyone got any sound clips or had any experience with any of them? Thanks in advance
  8. chrisa4quat

    Milltek exhaust. Black tips

    Hi there,I bought and fitted a milltek cat back system for my b7 with valves and chrome tips. I have recently seen one with black tips and wish I'd bought them. Milltek want a fortune for both back boxes so can they be painted or anything? Thanks for your help
  9. chrisa4quat


    Has anyone done something with their radiator grille? I would like to freshen up the front end of my b7 rs4.
  10. chrisa4quat

    Interior led lighting

    Merry Christmas fellow members! Hope you all had a good one. One of my presents was meant to be an led interior light kit which I have been asked to choose a colour. Black rs4 saloon. White or blue or should I not bother. Anyone done this or had any experience don't want it to chav my car up as...
  11. chrisa4quat

    Keeping the RS4

    So after months of looking to sell and the right buyer not coming along I have decided to keep my rs4 [emoji3]. Can't believe how much better I feel already by just deciding to keep it. It's going in to eibach to get the springs fitted. Pics to follow.
  12. chrisa4quat

    Eibach springs

    Hi all. Just before my car goes to a new home. It's booked in to eibach for the set of first uk springs for the b7 rs4. Can't wait to see the outcome! The following pic is when they had it for development :)
  13. chrisa4quat

    Begrudging sale hopefully to a good home Here is my car for sale. Thought I'd share it on here hoping it will go to a good home :). Thanks for looking
  14. chrisa4quat

    B7 Audi rs4 grille broken tab

    Hi all. I have just found the tab or part of my grille broken. To remove the top half of grille there is 3 screws. T30 I believe. The right one is broken and only comes out with a bigger screw due to tab broken. Anyone have any tips to replace apart from having to buy a whole new grille? Thanks
  15. chrisa4quat

    Eibach springs b7 rs4. Shared from the rs4 b7 section.
  16. chrisa4quat

    Eibach springs b7

    Hey guys and girls. I don't know how many people will be interested but eibach are developing a spring kit for the b7 rs4. See pic below
  17. chrisa4quat

    Rs4 b7 rear diffuser

    Im back after selling my dtm I have just purchased a 2007 rs4 saloon and I love it! I'm sure this has been covered many times and it's not that I dislike the rear end in fact it's nice if just like to change the rear diffuser for a dtm style one. Anyone done this using rs6 diffuser or anything...
  18. chrisa4quat

    S4 kkc yellow s4

    Mean anything to anyone? Car I'm going to view tonight?
  19. chrisa4quat

    Audi s4 in Rochdale silver...AVOID

    I don't know if anyone is looking for an s4. There is a silver one in Rochdale for £1650. 3rd time relisted. This car is a shed! Drive 273 miles round trip to view this car. Pictures are nothing like the actual thing. Has loads of faults diagnostically. Way over priced. Just a warning peeps :)
  20. chrisa4quat

    Where have all the good ones gone?

    Where have all the good s4's gone? Now a good example is mega money. Always the case when ya looking for one lol