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  1. snowy

    Cast arms

    Where you attach a arb can make a huge difference as a rule of thumb: arb's attached to wishbones promote bump steer and reduce free articulation of the wishbone arm an arb directly connected to a shock unit is levering directly against a dampening device; yes it all has to move together but...
  2. snowy

    Is it safe to remove haldax fuse for running on dyno

    Direct you might say as in good few years back I took a car to celtic for mapping informed/demonstrated haldex fuse pulling to effect to them Let them have go at mapping; they admitted they didn't know how to actually build a custom map after about 3 weeks trying and lying
  3. snowy

    Cast arms

    The arb-to-shock setup gives better roll dampening; basically means the arb is dampened vs the arb-to-wishbone setup where roll energy directed into wheel via wishbone undampened imho only need to use arb-to-wishbone if series rules demand it in motorsport, and if that scenario there are...
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    déjà vu .. ;)
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    the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything
  6. snowy

    Interesting S3 build - Sequential shifter, stroker AET3076 build

    I'm already sold on the sqs shifter mech, but its the potential for saving of £4K per gearbox by not having to use dog gears that really interests me
  7. snowy

    KW V2 or V3 views anyone?

    v3 dampener unit is miles better than the v2 dampener v3s' dampeners can soften/stiffen themselves up more quickly, absording impacts of potsholes and the like well v2s' don't soften; just stay rigid and wooden like a v1 A v2 setup on 7kg spring gives a more unforgiving ride than v3 setup with...
  8. snowy

    8L bigger turbo

    the rear pto is driven by the outer case of the front diff, so no load across the axle isn't an issue Haldex's are tougher than some megabucks motorsport LSC's, if going rwd best to ditch it altogther though all the off the shelf rear diffs (peloquin/quaife) are torsens, which aren't suited...
  9. snowy

    8L bigger turbo

    Yes they can be; got one waiting to be welded up (for use on loose gravel) A YHW insert for the haldex controller There's no torque spliiter in the drivetrain, so 100% of torque can be tranfered to rear axle convert to rwd by removing front driftshafts S3's are short & front heavy, so a large...
  10. snowy

    Custom Wishbones Strut Brace (Pictures)

    Your brace will fit all subframes, pressed, cast or aftermarket tubular wishbones OMP and other's make same type of braces for mk2+mk3 golf's
  11. snowy

    Heli coiling brake calipers

    +1 those calipers look in poor condition Bet a good chance the caliper pins will need replacing, piston seals too not to mention paint stripping and repainting ~ all extra cost and time £250 way too much imho
  12. snowy

    Brembo 4 pot performance improvement

    Heat soak is the achilles heel of the junior gt (tiny pad + narrow disc) Once heat soaked they are hopeless, whatever pad you've got in; the caliper really lock the heat in too compared to other calipers so ducted air v.helpful But as said, even with stock mintex (brembo) pads in you should...
  13. snowy

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Would it need the ABS controller and its wheel speed sensors for that to work ?
  14. snowy

    The moderately informational brake thread....

    Just a something I've seen in passing; For specific details try pm'ing the op of that thread, although the thread seems to have died in 2015 Few thoughts though The hydraulic handbrake is nice bit engineering, but not sure if it'd pass a uk mot; wouldn't pass MSA scrutineering Far safer to...
  15. snowy

    The moderately informational brake thread....

    Not a S3, but a TT
  16. snowy

    Coilover spring rates

    fwiw those rates are between the base rates of kw v3 and clubsport
  17. snowy

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    That's the key t&c's are always changing (never for the better)/screw ups/hacks/etc whatever you upload to the cloud should be disposable + sanatized
  18. snowy

    The Haunted Gear Stick!

    Check cables, cable bushes, selector mechanism on top of gearbox