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    Golf GTi Imports

    Hi all, recently sold my S3 and, as the wife is expecting again, I need a 5 dr. I've been looking at GTis and have phoned a couple from the Trader. I've spoken to five so far, and all have been imports. Its seems that once you start speccing them up they become expensive for what they are and...
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    DIS Showing Door Open But Its Not

    I've had this intermittently for a while now. The DIS is showing the door as being open when it is closed. This then won't switch the interior light off and when stopped, won't allow you to set the alarm with the fob. My brother (Audi Tech) says its a faulty micro switch on the door catch...
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    Fault Code. Anyone know it ?

    I've had a fault code. Anyone had it before ? It is : 17608 Boost Pressure Control Valve N249 Mechanical Malfunction. Chris.
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    TT V6 ARBs On S3 ?

    As it says, Anyone know if you can fit TT V6 anti roll bars on an S3 ? Are they any bigger diameter ? My originals have hairline fractures, so have to be replaced. I can obtain TT v6 ones quite cheap. Front and rear BTW. Chris.
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    First ride in RS4 this morning

    As it says, went out early this morning on test in an unregistered RS4. Absolutely awesome. Sounds not unlike a nascar racer. Sounded nice just idling over in the workshop. Aways had reservations about how sluggish and unresponsive V8s can be after driving an S4, but this was unexpected...
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    S3 Emissions

    What's the emissions of my S3 ? I've seen them listed anywhere between 226 and 253 g/km. Anyone know ? Chris.
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    Beeping from somewhere in the back.

    Hi all, as it says, three beeps from the rear of the car after opening the door and getting in. Never had it until this week. Only things in the rear are the Bose amp and sub and central locking. Anyone had this ? Chris.
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    What spring do you use in a Forge DV007 ?

    Hi all, posted recently regarding a possible boost leak with my mapped S3. Had the front bumper off and tightened the clamps up and still the same. Out of desperation took off the turbo to i/c pipe and various brackets , made sure the pure oxygen sensor was tight, and refitted everything making...
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    Boost leak ,Maybe ?

    Hi all, got a problem. Sounds like a definite air leak when hard on boost. I've put the Mikalor clamps on the pipe out of the turbo and off the engine pipe to the first intercooler pipe. Went round every hose and tightened them, except for the entry into the first intercooler. After doing...
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    Porsche Brake Owners - Help Please

    Hi all, I need some help with a front brake swap. I've been making a kit using R32 discs and 996 GT3 calipers. I've mounted the caliper ok and the R32 disc offset is ok too. There's about 4-5mm between it and the hub assembly. I know that everyone using the 993tt swap uses 10mm spacers, so I...
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    What Is Post Whoring ?

    Sorry if this seems naiive, but what is Post Whoring ? Chris.
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    Pinking Lupo GTi.

    Hi all, My wife has a Lupo GTi and recently it has taken to pinking quite badly in the first 3000rpm. Done the obvious, i.e. optimax, but to no avail. Thought that maybe the knock sensor was getting slow to react and was maybe failing. Have been told since that when they fail they usually ******...
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    Glowing Turbo. Bad news ?

    Hi all, been playing with the map in my S3 and TBH is a lot better than it was. Reaches about 1.4 bar maximum, so I thought I'd adjust the actuator. Moved it in about four turns of the nut. Has much stronger mid range now but I think its lost a little at higher revs. Turbo is working quite hard...
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    New Avus on S3 ?

    As it says, has anyone put the new avus 18s on their S3 ? They are the ones on the new S4. Chris.
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    Big Turbo Kit- what about this ?

    Found this while shopping on What do you think ? Chris.