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  1. quinnii

    SD Nav

    Does the SD Nav system (none tech pack) still show route guidance info in the DIS like the 8P does?
  2. quinnii

    MMI and iPhone 6

    Iv been trawling through various threads on here regarding people's hit and miss issues with the various different coloured MMI cables. Just a thought, does the standard iPhone lightning cable that comes with the phone work when it's plugged into the MMI usb adaptor?
  3. quinnii

    RS3 8V Black Styling Pack

    Has anybody ordered the black styling pack who wants rid of their "Quattro" badge from the front? Depending on how it's attached I'd be happy to buy one of someone who wants rid of one - obviously deliveries are a while off but I thought I'd put some feelers out. Iv noticed a lot of people...
  4. quinnii

    Cruise control retrofit

    Not sure if it's been covered on here, probably has but I thought I would mention it anyhow. The lower steering column cowl needs to be replaced when installing the cruise control, i was struggling to find an A3 one on eBay so I took a gamble on an Audi TT one. Turns out they're near enough...
  5. quinnii

    Audi/VW VAGCOM Question

    Is this a stupid question or could i take my Audi to a VW dealer instead of an Audi dealer to have my new instrument cluster coded in?
  6. quinnii

    Door bump strips

    Just a quickie, if i was to pull my bump strips off my doors, what are they held on with? Is it just a double sided tape, or is it an adhesive of some kind? If it is an adhesive, does anyone know where i can get some more? I dont want to pull them off if i cant get them back on! Thanks
  7. quinnii


    Just a quick one, probably been covered but I cant search because I'm on my phone browser, does the rs3 diffuser fit onto the 8p hatchback bumper, Pre facelift? Cheers
  8. quinnii

    S3 8P ECU

    Iv been trying to get my 8p s3 remapped, as it turns out the ecu has been locked out by another tuning company, I'm assuming its had a trial on it as iv logged the boost settings and they seem to match the standard maps figures. Can anybody give me any suggestions? Who are the main companies who...
  9. quinnii

    Part Number's

    Can anyone help me, i need the part number for a 2012 S3 instrument cluster and prices if possible Thanks
  10. quinnii

    S-Line difference?

    Does anyone know what the differences are between the facelift S-Line front bumper and the facelift S3 bumper apart from the chrome grill and the fog surrounds? Thanks
  11. quinnii

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Hi, newbie here! After selling the Mk2 Focus RS iv decided to hop across to the VAG side for a bit of decent build quality! Im going to look at a 57 plate S3 tomorrow with 60,000 on the clock, can anyone give any advice as to things i should be keeping an eye out for? Its also got the non...