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    FL Pirelli alternatives

    I’ve been following the discussions about Pirelli tyres and wear and wanted to know what alternatives people have tried on a factory staggered set-up. I know from personal experience that the P4S is a great tyre, but it seems to cause TC issues, so I’m particularly interested to know if anyone...
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    Sat Nav Map Update?

    Just logged into MyAudi to see if there is a map update for my FL and I can’t see any options for checking the current available map option and downloading the update. What am I missing??
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    Michelin P4S - Staggered Set-up Photos

    Hi, I’m thinking about changing the OE Pirelli’s for a set of Michelin P4S. I have the staggered set-up and wondered if anyone can share any photos of what the car looks like running on P4S’ as I know the P-Zeros are narrower than a standard 255/30 R19.