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  1. ckl139

    2.0tfsi engines

    hi, looking to get an a6 and these engines seem rare. Two key questions 1. Are they good engines in this range ? I see that they are 168ps whereas my b7 cab is 197ps. Can only assume different engine altogether. 2. Do these suffer from oil consumption issue - is it worth avoiding altogether...
  2. ckl139

    Any meets up still happening

    Can do around Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and North / North West London off the M1 e.g. harrow Edgware or even near junction 1
  3. ckl139

    Parts request Audi Crewe - How?

    hi, Hopefully this is in right place to ask. I tried to request parts quote on the link above but it appears though I can’t. Can you let me know how to do this or if I need special permission? Thanks
  4. ckl139

    Audi symphony safe mode unlock

    Hi all. I disconnected my battery and when reconnected, I entered the wrong code. Now it says safe code 2. What do I need to do to allow me to enter my code? Not in the manual and can't find online...
  5. ckl139

    Audi symphony safe mode unlock

    Hi guys..disconnected battery now showing safe 2 mode. Nothing in manual tells me how to unlock and allow code entry?
  6. ckl139

    Audi B7 2.0tfsi Engine Bay diagram

    Hi can someone share an engine bay diagram highlighting key components e..g turbo, intercooler, pcv etc New to audi so still finding way around. Also for BMWs I’ve used things like anything similar for Audi exist?
  7. ckl139

    New Car - 2008 B7 2.0tfsi Cabriolet

    Hi all, So i've been posting a bit on here every now and then. But i've finally got my first Audi. Pics to follow. It's a tidy cab in silver, with blue hood and graphite black alloys. For background, I also run BMW e46 straight 6 petrol 2.2. This will be a long thread, but lot's to get...
  8. ckl139

    Hello and Intro

    Hi all, I've been on here for a few years now. Regular on two other UK based BMW forums. As also run a BMW e46 straight 6 2.2. Originally joined to buy a cab... which i never got, then some saloons and avant with no success. Finally.... this weekend gone, I got my first my Audi! It's a...
  9. ckl139

    Buying 2006 A4 B7 2.0tfsi Saloon

    Hi all Pet the title thinking of buying this spec s line saloon manual. Read basic buying guides but wanted to ask specifics I should look for given that this model is Manual 2006 2.0tfsi special edition- so is c.215 power. Also does this suffer from oil burning or is that b8 only? Also...
  10. ckl139

    Buying potential B6 1.8 t S Line Avant ( or hold for B7 2.0t?)

    Hi guys I’ve replied in various other threads but thought I’d open my own to get specific. For reference here is the history for the b6 in question. All from Audi. Its had another service and another cambelt and water pump change in 2017. Mileage now approaching near 50k. Sept 2005 – Service...
  11. ckl139

    Audi A4- B7 Cab - Best engine choice and reliability question

    Hi all, Firstly, I am new to the forum so hello. A long time user and poster in other BMW forums. I will post in the intro section if there is one! I am looking to buy a used Audi A4 Cab between MY 2006 - 2008. I will be looking at <65k clock vehicles with FSH (Audi or other). The reason...