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  1. SBJ

    Google maps are back

    I've got a 1p Mobile SIM in the dash and top it up one or twice per year. I've an iPhone so it doesn't allow data to be used from your phone to the car (I forget the acronym), but understand Android works. You can even talk to your car after pressing the audio button on the dash, "Google...
  2. SBJ

    Latest Apple CarPlay Options/Offerings

    @DJAlix is your man.
  3. SBJ

    Next small mod ideas

    I painted and stickered mine. On my previous A5 I painted them gloss black with white Audi ring stickers. But with Daytona I wanted the callipers to not get lost. I mixed black and silver Hammerite to take away the bright silver look. Also cleaned up the disk shields with steel wool. Take the...
  4. SBJ

    Frameless interior/rear mirror

    Hi, As the title suggests, has anyone thought of or indeed swapped their interior mirror for the more modern looking frameless version? Expect it costs a fortune to do! Thanks
  5. SBJ

    Black window trim started to corrode

    I have a tiny bit of etching in the same place your paint has flaked off so I'll have a closer look. My first thought was perhaps the trim had a metal inner strip and maybe was rusting under the plastic.
  6. SBJ

    SQ5 New 2020 SQ5 FY Owner

    Hi Alex, Very interesting read as you modify your SQ5. Is the Active TPMS something my A6 C7.5 MY2018 would take as a retro with both PSI & Temp? Not seen temperature displayed before :sunglasses: I see you mention getting a memory seat module - would that be for the passengers seat by any...
  7. SBJ

    bye bye google satellite overlay

    Apparently my A6 MY2018 isn’t compatible with the update so no more Google satellite maps! I also phoned Audi CS as I wanted to update my maps to 2021 and hadn’t realised I’d performed my 3 free update quota. Nope, wouldn’t budge. And Connect will be chargeable when my warranty runs out. No thanks.
  8. SBJ

    bye bye google satellite overlay

    I've emailed the dealership today and await their response as my A6 is under warranty and MY2018 so fingers crossed!
  9. SBJ

    Google maps gone

    The Google logo only loads half way now
  10. SBJ

    I’ve gone Bi !!!

    If your A6 is the facelift version of the C7 there are two 6C modules listed, you need to tick the 2nd one only. That’s what I did on mine, but yours maybe different and Alex is the oracle on these things...
  11. SBJ

    RJW's Avant

    You connect the CTEK using the clips to the terminals in the engine bay on the drivers side. There's a positive terminal under a red flap and a negative post (both clearly marked). I close the bonnet running the cable out the front. The charger also came with an addition cable if you want to...
  12. SBJ

    RJW's Avant

    With Covid and working from home, my car hasn't been getting much usage and when it has its been small journeys only but have noticed a couple of messages in display with combinations "battery discharging, start engine" "system will shut down soon" "battery weak". Also had a few laboured starts...
  13. SBJ

    RJW's Avant

    Sounds correct to me as some functions last settings are retained and matched to the key you use. Mirror positions, climate settings, radio station, heated seats... Thats my guess.
  14. SBJ

    Ambient Light Bars - Doors only

    Thanks for the info, yes I believe it is MIB based. Had a look around what adaptation options were available in VCDS and tried a few (eg. Ambient lights MMI/Car Menu + ambient lights installed etc + reboot MMI) but nothing new appeared in the Car or MMI screens. Looks like the only option is...
  15. SBJ

    Ambient Light Bars - Doors only

    Hi, Thinking of a retrofit for ambient door light bars like this Has anyone done this or similar on the A6 C7 facelift model year 2018> Wondering if the parts listed in the thread above are the same? Also...
  16. SBJ

    I’ve gone Bi !!!

    Speak to @DJAlix he supplied and fitted my reversing camera and know he can activate ApplePlay. Door puddle lights/logos from eBay are a cheap & easy addition!
  17. SBJ

    A6 Avant vs A4 Avant for family of 4?

    Family of 4 here with 2x children 7 & 9. Before baby number 2 arrived I had an Audi A5 3.0TDI Quattro Sport Coupe and tried convincing myself I could make it work (and putting my back out!), but decided to go sensible and changed to a Passat SE. Dull but load swallowing and had it for 5 years...
  18. SBJ

    Back to the A6C7 Forum ...

    What spec/options have you got on your 7.5?
  19. SBJ

    Rear view mirror vibrating- especially with Bose ;)

    Mine does that when the volume/bass hits a certain threshold! Turn it down or don't look in the mirror :)
  20. SBJ

    Apple CarPlay 2017 Model

    The Audi Apple CarPlay via hardware option.... Youtube fitting an original Audi USB AppleCarPlay module.... to an A6 with TechPack MIB2. Note the difference between the modules. The installed unit right hand USB port, it has phone icon. Mine is as per the unit on the left standard from...