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  1. S3KO4

    S3 APY, ROTA Grid drifts.

    Looks sweet
  2. S3KO4

    Lees Build Thread

    lee man, you weren't messing then, but until I left never had the chance to see your car, man I sold mine for 3000 :( I miss the good old days.
  3. S3KO4

    Shell V Power Club

    I have had two vouchers since last year each for £4.5 not bad at all, I use v power because even though you get less fuel it actually lasts as long if not linger than the regular staff while getting better response.
  4. S3KO4

    Really annoying Squeaking noise

    I don't know why you would think it's the discs and pads! I would have thought it's more like the suspensions top mounts, look at them see if there is a gap then it's most likely to be the culprit
  5. S3KO4

    best spark plug choice for my 2001 aum a3

    I am using one for audi rs2 from ecp cost £10 each works really well.
  6. S3KO4

    Engine temp sensor

    Sensor is only ~£7 on eBay so change it and you would know. Bad temp sensor means tuning more fuel and to compensate for the fault and avoid getting lean therefore more money spent on fuel costs
  7. S3KO4

    Coil pack tests

    Thanks for all your suggestions, does anyone have spare working ones laying around?
  8. S3KO4

    Replacing K04 gaskets

    Thanks for that
  9. S3KO4

    Coil pack tests

  10. S3KO4

    Replacing K04 gaskets

  11. S3KO4

    Why does my car every now and again start screaming?!

    It's very common, and like mentioned above it most defiantly the starter motor
  12. S3KO4

    Coil pack tests

    Hello people this the second thread I am requesting some help in diagnosing my coil packs. I have replaced one already a few month back as it had no life in it, I need to know how to run a proper test on vcds as I can feel it they are weak but can't pinpoint it precisely. I don't know if it's...
  13. S3KO4

    Replacing K04 gaskets

    I have a loud exhaust leak and have narrowed it down to poor gaskets in place as they were reused last year when had a turbo replacement, I am confident in doing the downpipe one but need some tip doing the manifold to turbo one without removing the rocker cover etc, if anyone has done it before...
  14. S3KO4

    2 problems please help

    Bushes could have gone rear, the first issue could be turbo related possibly vacume or boost leak somewhere
  15. S3KO4

    oil pressure sensor location

    located on the right side of the oil cooler, under the inlet manifold, you will need a 24 spanner to remove it. you also need to remove the oil feed on the cooler to the turbo. cost me £14 from audi last month
  16. S3KO4

    </3 car wont start...fml

    it's not the starter motor.
  17. S3KO4

    GT2871R Build

    I like what I see lee. is the cam tenssioner sorted yet?
  18. S3KO4

    </3 car wont start...fml

    You are wasting your time, by looking anywhere else than what I am telling you mate. the guys here are very helpful but non had this symptom when I described it a month ago. so end it up checking everything to no avail. until I took it to a specialised today who found the fault at the ignition...
  19. S3KO4

    Any one interested in a Haldex ECU upgrade group buy?

    I use a v2 from an r32 with no issues. works fine. never get any spin.
  20. S3KO4

    Took my car to Audi for minor work and anti corrosion check and came back noisy

    I think they most probably took it for a nice spin. and managed to wear something out. I have seen it in Audi Finchely the way some of the guys drive the cars there! for a grand more you could have bought another S3 mate.