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    ohhhhhh 7 digit RNSE :p

    Any ideas if the '16 disc will work on mk1 models?
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    TDI turbo replacement help

    Hello! My turbo is on its way out and I already have a replacement, however the replacement unit was a used part off another car which I purchased about 3 years ago and never used. Its since been in storage in a box, with the air inlet and exhaust outlet sealed. My question is whether this is...
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    Balls!! LED in Headlight area - Advice needed

    Had the same issue, theres actually a gap between the reflector and the base of the light big enough to allow the bulb to get through. Either use a flexy magnet if the bulb has any metal components on it or a coat hanger or something to hook it through. No need to remove the lights.
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    Crashed now looking for facelift..

    Headlight tabs are repairable: Genuine repair kits can be bought from dealers or parts specialists (TPS for example).
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    Crashed now looking for facelift..

    I'd be looking to just replace the bonnet and get an S line front bumper. The headlights and wings look fine? Don't see the point in forking out so much money for a facelift conversion. However, that's just my opinion.
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    Plasti dipping a chrome grill

    Did mine. Before and after, with no glossifier.
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    Limp mode when I put foot down?

    Could also be a boost leak. And given the fact you have 100k on the clock, do you really want to map it to 185 and start breaking things?
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    Clutch kit for PD170 with SMF

    Anyone able to advise me on what clutch kit I should be getting for a BMN with a single mass flywheel conversion? I can't seem to find anything other than full conversion kits. Can anyone tell me whether SMF and DMF clutches are the same or are they different? Fairly certain I have a Sachs...
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    Dension Kit= Massive FAIL!

    I used to work at halfords installing these. Unlike most of the installers I met in my time, I actually have a brain. On top of that, not all aftermarket companies are worth the time of day either. I'd rank some of them lower in terms of ability and service than halfords. You CAN fit these into...
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    Does anyone here know this S3?

    i could be wrong but the shark fin doesn't look original. My one looks way different...
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    Did I kill my engine?

    Part of me wonders if u killed ur engine by overfilling oil.
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    Did I kill my engine?

    just out of curiosity. why did u fill 2 litres? top up is usually 1
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    Does Quattro Drift Or Does It Just Oversteer?

    Might also be worth buying urself a haldex controller
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    Does Quattro Drift Or Does It Just Oversteer?

    I'd put michelin ps3's and goodyear assy f1's on par if not slightly worse than contisport 5's (assuming uve got contisport 5's). If not i'd recommend conti 5's unless u wanna fork out for continental force contact or michelin supersport.
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    Coolant Leak Help! Pics Inside

    how good are you at deciphering what part it is from the pic? Cos to me that looks like a longitudinal set up like you would find in an a4 not an a3 which is the problem im having figuring it out...
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    Coolant Leak Help! Pics Inside

    Just after someone who could maybe show me an ETKA diagram of whats situated underneath the intake manifold (BMN). I've had a slow leak that only becomes apparent at full running temp and is leaking onto something else hot because its burning off into steam making it difficult to pinpoint where...
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    Anyone know these rims? Also looking for opinions on height.

    Look like AMG reps to me. If they're genuine you'll probably find some mercedes stampings or part numbers on the inside. edit: looking at the pic...
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    New wheels fitted to my S3 Sportback but rubbing..... options?

    Have you checked your rear springs for any breaks? I've got a similar looking reverse rake on mine due to having a broken left rear coil. For the longest time i thought it was the weight of my sub in the boot but as it progressively got worse I realised the shocks were on their way out and the...
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    Can only assume they've stolen the car. got the bumpers off... left the car for a few days to see if it gets picked up (tracker etc) then maybe went back to collect it to fully strip it once they knew it was safe to do so. Leaving it in a clamp zone might be an excuse for them to "tow it away"...
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    Adding Aux-in to RNS-E? What do i need to do?

    AUX IN - Jack - Retrofit - Audi RNS-E-37898