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  1. B_FUR

    New steering wheel fitted

    nice.. that is some super low mileage for a 57 plate........
  2. B_FUR

    Stereo Options

    have a look at this thread pal I've had pioneer apple car play unit installed for 12months now and really like it. Spotify isn't great on it but apple music, nav and a messages are all great IMO give us a shout if you want...
  3. B_FUR


    Know i'm lucky to have seen them on first attempt. Mate of mine has been 4 times to Iceland and never seen them....
  4. B_FUR


    Couple of pics of recent trip to Iceland... first time I've seen Northern Lights, stunning.... not a bad shot for a £250 point and shoot camera I thought.
  5. B_FUR

    Phantom Black Avant - A day in the life of an Audi owner

    very tidy looking example mate, enjoy and welcome to the forum
  6. B_FUR

    B7 Front Splitter Opinions

    personally I'd stick with the splitter, i've got the SE bumper too and now what you mean but I think anything else apart from LCR splitter would look out of place. the second splitter you've posted looks just like the LCR but painted gloss black. The first pic is that how splitter sits now...
  7. B_FUR

    My new A4 Avant Special Edition Quattro

    Very tidy motor pal. Have to agree on keeping wheels silver. Tips should clean up wuth a bit of elbow grease and wire wool. I've had tints and blinds and while blinds give you the option to remove. I think tints look a lot better especially from a back seat passengers point of view. Each to...
  8. B_FUR

    Chrome trim or black trim??

    cheers for the evo wrap mention mate, been looking for a local wrap company and only 10mins from me. was that quote just for trim. or rails too?
  9. B_FUR

    LED Tail light problems

    what lights have you got mate, i have a very similiar problem normally first thing in the morning auto lights come on and i get left brake light out then right brake light out. when I check them they both appear to be fine. problem is very intermittent....... and annoying. I've noticed since...
  10. B_FUR

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    not bad mate, not OEM quality but they were only £20 and liked the A4 badge on them not seen them before, link below
  11. B_FUR

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Fitted my pedals and my red gecko air freshner, thanks Mike @mjr901. Pedals were a right PITA, ended up cutting the old rubbers ones off!!
  12. B_FUR

    Upgraded my lights to Xenons (before and after pics)

    awesome job as always by Trups. he did conversion on mine earlier in the year. MOT'd last week no problems
  13. B_FUR

    Audi in the Park

    That is a beautiful motor you have there sir. Great Pic
  14. B_FUR


    If you were referring to aftermarket non-OEM like the Devil Eyes then they are just plug and play mate
  15. B_FUR

    Headlight & Foglight Bulb Replacement

    If you've got SE bumper you need to remove to access fogs, Sline i believe you can do with bumper still on. Don't need to remove bumper for headlight bulbs but if you're changing actual cover it will be a bumper off job in order to remove the headlight unit. HTH
  16. B_FUR

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Ordered some sline door blades for mine today, OEM and in the right colour! should be here and fitted tomorrow all being well. Must get around to wrapping my grill surround too, trim as been of the car for two week and looks a bit naked!!!
  17. B_FUR

    DTM themed avant

    Great write up mate. Car is stunning, hard work has definitely paid off. love the extra details you've gone to on the interior. Top job :)
  18. B_FUR

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Actually quite like this mate, would have like to have seen whats it like without the newspaper on.