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  1. eribaMotters

    ****** torque guns

    OK, we know the idiots over tighten, but equally why did you stand on your torque wrench. They are a precision bit of kit. My Norbar is about £150+ to replace. I use an extendable bar to remove nuts/studs and the torque wrench to fit them. Colin
  2. eribaMotters

    Low idling 700rpm

    Does this coincide with warmer weather and quicker engine warm up meaning lower revs at idle? Colin
  3. eribaMotters

    How many miles do you get out of £20?

    I only ever fill to brim, but £20 is just under 3.5 gallons. I typically get 45/50 mpg so £20 would be around 170 miles. On a motorway run I see far higher. On a 50mph speed restricted run from Devon to Merseyside I saw 73 mpg on the trip. This dropped to I think 71mpg when home, which I think...
  4. eribaMotters

    Looking at a 2018 1.5 TFSI

    I swapped to my new 1.5 tfsi manual in 2019 from a 2.0 diesel Skoda Yeti. I was apprehensive about the possible hesitation/kangarooing some have experienced with this engine across VAG but had no problems. Performance is a revelation. The engine is flexible and pulls strongly. Economy is a...
  5. eribaMotters

    Door Sill? damage/repair

    I'd get that checked out professionally. Could be the car has been driven over and then landed on a kerb edge. Colin
  6. eribaMotters

    March 2019 brake fluid change

    OK, back to the original question, which is what I'm trying to get an answer on. Is anybody aware that Audi have changed the first, that's the 3 year brake fluid change to 27 months for vehicles registered after March 2019. Thanks - Colin
  7. eribaMotters

    March 2019 brake fluid change

    I should have made that clearer. I believe 30L is a fairly common size drum of brake fluid. Over a period of time this will be open and closed many times. I'm guessing it might be pumped out, it might be decanted into something smaller. but it will be open to the air. When it's closed I also...
  8. eribaMotters

    March 2019 brake fluid change

    I fully understand the logic behind 3yr then 2yr regime, as factory fill brake fluid is known to be fresh, but that on the service garage shelf may have been open for a while and absorbed moisture from the air. I'm also aware some will say you can test the fluid with a hydrometer for specific...
  9. eribaMotters

    March 2019 brake fluid change

    I'm of a trusting nature and have to assume they have done what they have said has been done. What I'm trying to find out is the brake fluid service regime. Has it been changed? Colin
  10. eribaMotters

    March 2019 brake fluid change

    I've got a service contract, 1 x oil + inspection and 1 x oil. I've just collected my car back from the oil + inspection and was informed it will need a brake fluid change at 2 years and 3 months. Service lady was not surprised at my polite reply stating they had recently received notification...
  11. eribaMotters

    Anyone renewed insurance recently?

    One exception to falling policies appears to be touring caravans. Last year I paid £254 against my Audi insurance of £270. This year they wanted £360 so I shopped around, had typical quotes of £360-£500+ before finding a company that would provide cover for £268. I cannot figure it out. Claims...
  12. eribaMotters

    Anyone renewed insurance recently?

    Well with cheaper quotes being quite normal I had a shock on the missus VW UP. Tesco wanted to hike it from £200 to £220. I found loads cheaper for the same cover on GoCompare. Swinton are now getting our business for £150. and that's with a Liverpool postcode. Colin
  13. eribaMotters


    Jan 2018 I was coming across country back from a funeral in Norfolk in my Yeti on winter tyres. On the M62 I could feel the conditions change and light slow started to fall. I slowed down but others did not. Within a few miles I saw 3 Mercs and BMW's that had passed me crashed into the central...
  14. eribaMotters

    Intermittent high idle

    Sounds like a dpf regen taking place, revs increasing from normal 800rpm idle. Colin
  15. eribaMotters

    Drivers seat movement/fault

    I can detect play in my drivers seat at times when I first get in and wiggle into place. Colin
  16. eribaMotters

    Puncture repair or replace tyres, how many

    I don't like going below 3mm. I've just replaced the fronts on wife's 6 year old VW Up at 4mm as I could see very small cracks in the tread grooves. Colin
  17. eribaMotters

    Puncture repair or replace tyres, how many

    With that little tread left I'd replace the lot. Whilst the legal limit is 1.6mm across 75% of the tread I find it hard to understand getting so close to that. You have a new, expensive and high performance vehicle, why deprive it of the levels of grip it deserves and needs? Colin
  18. eribaMotters

    Courtesy car slow puncture repair?

    You could give them the opportunity to swap the car over, which they will not be able to do, so why not ask them to drop off a spare wheel, which they will not have, or suggest they take the wheel away and fix it for you whilst your not using the car for a few hours. Colin
  19. eribaMotters

    Facelift S3 project.

    Can you put a personal plate on a Q plate vehicle and avoid the higher insurance premiums? Colin
  20. eribaMotters

    RS3 prices in 2022/23?

    Sounds like a good reason to put up with the pain and wait. Colin