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  1. DJM1982

    Bye Bye B6

    Cupra R spiltter will git well and look good with the bigger wheels. Enjoy the new ride.
  2. DJM1982

    Goodbye and a big thankyou !

    As above, I'm leaving the Audi (Vag) stable and heading over to BMW for a while. I have just sold my Audi A4 and put a deposit down on a BMW 320d Msport touring. The A4 was a trusty old steed and i coverd over 90,000miles in under 3 years in it, with only very minor problems occuring. The main...
  3. DJM1982

    Help needed, high pitched grinding noise from front end of my A4

    thanks, I took the car out to the local tesco to do some shopping (of course) and everything seems fine. And again this morning on the way to work. Was very worrying at the time, especailly as i'm looking at selling her soon. Thanks for the replies guys.
  4. DJM1982

    Help needed, high pitched grinding noise from front end of my A4

    Thats what i'm hoping, it was as I turned into a rather dusty lane as a shortcut around the M1, lots of pot holes on the edge of the road, the noise happened for approx 2 miles, then as I got back onto smooth A road and picked up speed the noise went and hasn't returned since. Braking seems...
  5. DJM1982

    Help needed, high pitched grinding noise from front end of my A4

    Driving home from work and all of a sudden i heard a high pitched grinding noise coming from the front, turned the stereo down and opened the windows and I could hear it, sounded like its coming from wheel area rather than the engine. It lasted all of about 2 miles and then went away and hasn't...
  6. DJM1982

    Thinking of selling up....opinions on new car choice

    We brought this little fella home just over 4 months ago and we now need to look for a more suitable car to travel around with him. I have been toying with the idea of getting a VW Tiguian, but really cannot justify putting myself in 10k worth of debt with a loan or finance deal whilst we are...
  7. DJM1982

    What size are the front door speakers and how easy to change?

    My passenger front speaker has blown and is now crackly and making a horrible sound above volume 12 on the stereo, so looking to buy replacement speakers a fit. What size speakers will i need and how easy is it to replace. Will i have to remove the door card or just the speaker grill?? Cheers...
  8. DJM1982

    ideas on a name for a new puppy?

    Rodney, but you can call him dave
  9. DJM1982

    2nd hand buy... High milers

    What do you mean by high miles? 100,000 / 200,000 ?? I bought my A4 2.0 TDi on 67,000 and it ticked over 130,000 recently. No problems with the engine at all, had it serviced regularly and changed the cambelt and waterpump, thats it....... Oh i also had it remapped aswell.
  10. DJM1982

    PRD - A4 Phantom Black Full Correction - Zymol Glasur

    That reminds me, i really need to do mine again soon. Have got the DA out on mine for over a year. Great work fella, looks great !!
  11. DJM1982

    I Just fitted Eibach Sportline springs.

    I fitted some to my A4 about 6 weeks ago, along with bilstien shocks and I totally agree. The ride height it pretty perfect for my needs, lower by about 20mm but the ride is spot on. Like u say, firmer but more comfortable because of being less crashy.
  12. DJM1982

    Fantasy Formula 1

    My first attempt at Fantasy Formula 1, and doing poorly. I think footy if more my thing, although i'm slipping down the league in that now aswell. DOH !!!
  13. DJM1982

    Got myself an Avant

    really nice mate.
  14. DJM1982

    New arrival forces change in car plans.....

    thanks guys. this is his first time in the garden
  15. DJM1982

    New arrival forces change in car plans.....

    I'm getting married in August, so after the wedding i was going to leave the Audi stable and treat myself to a VW scirroco GT 2.0TDi DSG. But today we picked up picked this little fella up, So now i'm thinking that an Audi A3 (3 door or sportback) Sline 2.0TDi DSG with a bigger boot for...
  16. DJM1982

    Fantasy Formula 1

    Are you going to post results after each race??
  17. DJM1982

    New rims

    looks good. i likey alot
  18. DJM1982

    Audi A4 bodykit conversion to b7

    Are you sure your actually old enough to be looking at my avatar.
  19. DJM1982

    Audi A4 bodykit conversion to b7

    A song springs to mind every time I read one of 'Audi.'s posts. B B B B B bonkers!!!!
  20. DJM1982

    Audi A4 bodykit conversion to b7

    Its harder than a saxo but easier than a B6