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  1. DrEskimo

    RS3 v Tesla AWD Milk Float

    @Callump01 great write up thanks! It's quite a surreal experience isn't it! Whilst I have nothing nearly as nice or fast as a P100D (just a wee Renault Zoe!), I do drive my FiL's Model S 85 a bit and do love the all round experience of the Model S. My only real gripe is the's a hell of...
  2. DrEskimo

    RS3 v Tesla AWD Milk Float

    Apologies, but there are a lot of technical inaccuracies in your post. Hydrogen does not make a noise. Hydrogen is a fuel source, not a form of propulsion. It is used to store energy, which then powers an electric motor in exactly the same way as a lithium ion battery powers an electric motor...
  3. DrEskimo

    RS3 v Tesla AWD Milk Float

    Charging patterns are going to be extremely user specific, and will depend on the charging you have available to you, the type of EV you own and the journey's you do. You would need to visit a petrol station just as often if you do 150-200miles a day in a RS3...! Charging infrastructure is...
  4. DrEskimo

    RS3 v Tesla AWD Milk Float

    It depends entirely on how long the journey is between charges. With a Tesla, as long as a single journey is <150miles, you have no worries about range or stopping to use superchargers. All Tesla models will cover that sort of range in a single charge even at high motorway speeds and in the...
  5. DrEskimo

    11kwh and 22kwh home chargers...

    Ah OK. Apologies I confused it with the regen stats. In which case they are offering options to charge it up to 22kWh from AC. You can charge up to 43kWh max on AC currently from public chargers. As I said though, this will be limited by the electrical supply to your house. The majority of...
  6. DrEskimo

    11kwh and 22kwh home chargers...

    I take it you are talking about the new e-Tron pure EV, rather than the Q7 hybrid? In which case yes, I'm afraid there are lots of mistakes in your post. The 11kWh and 22kWh charger is referring to the recuperation rate of the regenerative braking. The e-Tron will have DC charging and is...
  7. DrEskimo

    Pressure washer reccomendations please......

    This x100 Very high quality rubber hose that doesn't kink, and my humble Nilfisk c110 has been going 4yrs and never missed a beat. I even sold the extra accessories that cam with my Nilfisk to fund the qwashers hose. Pair it with a snow foam bottle off eBay for about £25 and you'll be set. Oh...
  8. DrEskimo


    All cars used to run on a NEDC cycle to get the quoted emissions and MPG figures. Basically it's just a standardised course that the cars must drive on (stipulated acceleration, braking, incline, temperature, speed, etc.) to see how much they emit and how much fuel they use. Whilst this was...
  9. DrEskimo

    S5 Wheels on 8V S3

    Do you mean wheels from a B8/B8.5 S5? You will need a spigot adaptor because the Centre Bore on the S5 is 66.6mm, whereas I believe the S3 is 57.1mm. I would also hazard a guess that they will stick out further than 16mm due to the wider alloy width. The S5 is 9j, whereas the S3 are typically...
  10. DrEskimo

    Audi Sport experience

    Yea I went on one a few years back. Drove a RS5, and booked a drive in the SQ5 for my Dad. Was a pretty short drive around public roads. Was still good fun! There are usually other car manufacturers there too, so always worth trying to ask if you can drive theirs too! Jaguar were next to the...
  11. DrEskimo

    Audi servicing in Hertfordshire

    Yea I went to Frank Follett a while back to help me diagnose a problem on my old A5. Were very helpful and reasonably priced.
  12. DrEskimo

    Paint on paint!

    Try some IPA and wipe off with a MF, as it is essentially white spirit/paint thinners. Basically a petroleum based solvent.
  13. DrEskimo

    GARD X - worth getting?

    Nope, complete waste of money. Better off going to a professional detailer for similar money, or doing it yourself.
  14. DrEskimo

    This is why the S3 is the car to steal

    All forums end up with repetitive threads if you hang around long enough...! And I completely agree with you, but I just wanted an excuse to point out how crappy that stolen list other favourite is the "30% RISE IN VEHICLE THEFTS" headline that also did the rounds, which is also...
  15. DrEskimo

    This is why the S3 is the car to steal

    What makes you think that the list from What Car Magazine, which report the Mercedes C-Class as top stolen car, is more reliable than the ones reported by the likes of, for example the Guardian, which back in 2016 reported the S3 as the top stolen car? Well you have to look at the data source...
  16. DrEskimo

    Diamond Cut Alloy Misery

    Ah really. It's possible, but I did try a few places and don't think many were that high....although this was a 19" Rotor, and was about 2 years ago? Not sure I would pay quite that much personally...! As I say, they did everything you would want for a full refurb...all very professional. I...
  17. DrEskimo

    Safe pollen removal

    Snow foam/pre wash, pressure rinse, then final rinse with filtered water...?
  18. DrEskimo

    Diamond Cut Alloy Misery

    It's entirely possible my refurb wasn't as great as I think (hardly an expert!), but it was done by The Wheel Specialist in St Albans, and they went the whole nine yards. I had a pic of before and after, but can't find it now! I was certainly very pleased with the result immediately after. It...
  19. DrEskimo

    Diamond Cut Alloy Misery

    I tend to agree with this, but unfortunately in my experience once a diamond cut has been refurbed (and I mean completely stripped back, resprayed, baked, then the diamond cut lathed and then lacquered), the durability is never as good as factory. I had one alloy fully refurbed after curbing it...
  20. DrEskimo

    Spray paint all over car

    I would imagine gentle use of paint thinners would get rid of that pretty quickly mate. It’s generally the way to get rid of overspray that doesn’t respond to polishing. Would be tempted to use a razor blade edge on the glass.