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  1. ruffrida

    After market Head Unit

    Hi. Sorry if this has been asked before. I have searched and not really finding the answers I'm looking for. I going to be fitting a new after market touch screen HU but need to know what all the wires do on my standard HU, as I wouldn't want to loose my steering wheel controls etc. Thanks in...
  2. ruffrida

    My A6 C5 build

    Wow What a difference. Found a boost leak on the intercooler pipe. Now have lots of boost. Picture is the egr and pipe work you can delete. Thermostat may be tomorrows job. But found a water leak as well so that may be the temp gauge problem. Will see after a good run. Sent from my SM-G920F...
  3. ruffrida

    My A6 C5 build

    Today's plans are as follows. EGR delete pipe. New egr silicone hose. Mr Muscle turbo clean. And vacuum pipe delete (see pic) Oh yeh and new thermostat as the temp gauge is doing me ed in lol Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. ruffrida

    My A6 C5 build

    Hope you have had a good Christmas. Quick update on a few mods/upgrades. New rims - TT 18s. 18x10 with 225x40x17 on the front. 235x40x17 on the rear. De-tinted front lights and removed and recentered the number plate. Fitted a double din concert multi disc hu as well. Plenty more to do lol...
  5. ruffrida

    My A6 C5 build

    Afternoon all. With being new to the A6 seen I thought I would start a thread on my C5 1.9tdi pd130. She is an old girl (2002) with plenty of miles (370,000 and counting). I have only owned her for about a month, but have made some suttle changes to start with. Pics to follow, but for now...
  6. ruffrida

    Rear electric windows not working

    Alreet stranger. How you Been? Hope your well. Will start a thread on the new beast soon. Been away from the Audi seen for a while. But never forgotten lol
  7. ruffrida

    Rear electric windows not working

    Also noticed today (after buying the correct wire harness for an aftermarket stereo) that the rear speakers don' work either. Got to be the door wires??
  8. ruffrida

    Rear electric windows not working

    Regulator in the door?
  9. ruffrida

    Rear electric windows not working

    The None of the switches work for the rear windows. Tries the safety switch on and of. Still nothing.
  10. ruffrida

    Rear electric windows not working

    Morning all. New to the A6 and have owned my C5 for about 2 weeks. She has a few issues but slowly solving them. The is just 1 that is bugging me. I can' get the rear windows to Work any ideas guys? Cheers
  11. ruffrida

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Put her on Ebay for sale, sad times
  12. ruffrida

    Greeny's New Motor

    Cant wait to see the new toy, that wallet soon going be empty with the mpg, but will sound awesome doing it lol
  13. ruffrida

    pd130 awx car wobbling DMF

    Whats it like on tick over? As most people have said sounds like f***d flywheel. When you first start the car put it in first and slowly bring the clutch up to the bite point, listen for noises, you will know if its gone, it will clatter its head of. And is the vibration through the whole car or...
  14. ruffrida

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Not been on for a while, recently done; Full Service, new top arms, track rod ends and front pads, passed her mot (happy days), put winters on (standard 17s)
  15. ruffrida

    Thinking of Brake Upgrade

    Nice 1 lads, will dfo be looking a big brake upgrade now, cheers
  16. ruffrida

    Official - Let's meet!

    I may be up for this, car looking very standard at moment as running me winters, let me see what i can do
  17. ruffrida

    Goodbye :(

    ANother 1 bite the dust lol. B5 Bi turbo, getting more and more rare, only 50 odd registered in the Uk now, saloons that is, **** loads of Avants around lol
  18. ruffrida

    Thanks for your help over the years!

    OM Days, £2800!! Thats shocking mate for such a nice car, we all got to move on sometime, nearly fell for the 530d before i bought mine, keep in touch mate, speak soon