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  1. Clart

    Looking for a good Volkswagen Forum

    So I've just gone and bought myself a Mk5 GTi and I'm looking for a good V-Dub forum. My GTi needs a new engine so I have loads of questions that need answers, point me in the right direction guys n gals. :)
  2. Clart

    GTi MK 5 Oil pressure probs

    Just bought a MK 5 GTi absolutely love it! Drove it home on Monday 180 miles no issues, been driving it all week no probs but on Friday it started playing up. After a spirited drive and it warmed up the oil pressure warning light came on and it said STOP. Checked the oil and there is oil in...
  3. Clart

    What is wrong with my S3 transmission?

    02 plate S3 Drives normally apart from when you push it really hard, when I floor it, the clutch pedal gets stuck and I have to pull it back up, and when driving at a fast pace changing gear is difficult. When driving normally all is fine. This has been happening now for for for about a year...
  4. Clart

    A8 Retro seat fit help

    So I've got hold of some nice A8 Recaros that I would like to fit in my van, I could really do with some help on the wiring please. I'm not interested in heated or memory, I just want full movement. What colour wires do I need to connect up to make them work? Please help as I've already blown...
  5. Clart

    Clutch problem

    02 plate S3, about a month ago after a hard drive the clutch sank to the floor and stuck there for a short time, I thought I would not make it home but it freed itself up and I got home, but it has never felt right since then. So tonight after a hard launch it happened again, it still drives but...
  6. Clart


    Supercars of London, anyone follow him on youtube? Is he on here? He used to drive an R8 but he traded it in for a 2015 A1 S-line >.<
  7. Clart

    Badger Wagon

    Just watched the video :screamcat: Hope Bill and the Badger Wagon are ok... Any photos after the event? :openmouth:
  8. Clart

    I'm no grass but I want to!

    What would you do if you knew your neigbour was driving an untaxed car? Answers on a post card please...
  9. Clart

    How come no RS 5 forum?

    As the title says...
  10. Clart

    Plate holder

    I've just bought a new personal number plate for my S3... I'm going to wait fitting it for now until I get my rear bumper fixed... Whats the crack with these number plate holders then guys? I've always just stuck/glued/siliconed them on in the past but I see you lot sporting number plate...
  11. Clart

    Adrian Flux

    What the **** is going on with my claim with your underwriters ULR? They are so incompetent and I'm really not happy with their service!
  12. Clart

    Mental Mk1 Golf

  13. Clart

    Cardiff Audi :)

    Went to Cardiff Audi today, really really happy with the service Audi gave me... I went down to Cardiff Audi for an insurance quote today and I would just like to say that I was provided with with great service from a friendly team. I turn up in an 02 plate car, in my work wear and looking...
  14. Clart

    Estimate for body repairs South Wales/Chepstow

    Any recommendations? Need to get a quote for my insurance company about James Blunt breaking my S3 :rage::rage::rage::cryingcat:
  15. Clart

    FAF MK1 Golf!!!

  16. Clart


    Just looked out of my window and seen a scuff mark and a crack on my off side rear bumper! I know It wasnt there yesterday, I think I know who caused it!
  17. Clart

    What supporting mods do I need for stage II?...

    Current set up... Stage 1 remap, Badger TIP and BMC filter (plus brakes n suspension) I'm wanting to go for stage II... I'm looking for a shopping list please gents... Thus far I have bought a K04 BBT and a Milltek back box... I know I need a FMIC, remap,rods + down pipe... What else...
  18. Clart

    Free EE Power bar.

    I don't know if this has been posted on audi-sport before, I did a search first and found nothing... If you are with EE send a text saying POWER (Must be in capitals) to 365. You then get sent a code that you can take to any EE store and claim a free EE Power bar to recharge your dog n bone :)...
  19. Clart

    Is this a genuine Miltek back box for an 8L?$_57.JPG
  20. Clart

    Macbook and HDMI

    I've got a thunderbolt to HDMI lead and can watch movies on my TV from my Macbook. My question is can I still watch a film on the TV and surf the web on the Macbook at the same time? If so then how? Any help much appreciated :)