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  1. Ed

    Program help with reducing pic size On the left panel, near the bottom "Image Resizer". Once downloaded and installed all you have to do is right click on an image and go to 'Resize' then you can put small/medium/large or custom. Really easy :)
  2. Ed

    Keygen Tunes

    "Honestly judge...I just downloaded them for the retro music"
  3. Ed

    The price of plasma brackets

    My LCD came with a decent wall bracket to allow it to tilt forwards/backwards I want one of these though - :)
  4. Ed

    Microsoft certified training??

    I think those kind of places are a bit dodgy. Especially that one, hardly any results on google (appart from themselves spamming a load of job boards) and no reviews that I can find. If you want to get certified then I would advise studying on your own to get the qualifications, its alot...
  5. Ed

    Buying MP3's

    There are a few programs out there to get around that problem (e.g. TuneBite) But I suppose that would be a long winded way of doing things. If you don't want to d/l illegally then it would seem that Apple have made it as hard as possible to use anything appart from iTunes to download things...
  6. Ed

    Electrics / ESP problems - Please help

    I had the same symptons when i got my A3, it turned out to be a faulty temperature sensor (don't know what temperature has to do with ESP though!) Audi charged 130 odd quid to fix (but the previous owner paid for it).
  7. Ed

    Identify an object in my boot

    It might not be a bose sub, I have one in the back of my car as its not bose As far as I know, if it has an audi emblem on it its not bose, if it has 'bose' on it then its obviously bose.
  8. Ed

    Buying MP3's

    Have a look at Napster - 15 quid a month for unlimited downloads. Not sure if they are unencrytped but you can use them on a mp3 player/hi-fi
  9. Ed

    10% discount added to the store

    lol irnbru! 5% of 100 quid is 5 quid. Double that is 10 quid, so 10 quid off a 200 pound order 10% off a 200 pound order is 20 quid. 10% off a 250 pound order is 25 quid. Need I go on?
  10. Ed

    recycle your mobile phone??

    Someones kid at work came round with a bag to fill - asking for old phones to donate to raise money for something like this... I felt terrible ... ... ... so I put her dad's current mobile in the bag. Conscience cleared :)
  11. Ed

    English vs french....

    English Mechanics...French Car (Just listen and wait!)
  12. Ed

    Seabrook Crisps Advert!!!!

    But do chav's know that they are chav's?
  13. Ed

    Audi-sport member needs your help - Vote for my Dog

    Thats the cutest dog there anyway! Voted! cirtificut? lol
  14. Ed

    Removing tyre from alloy?

    Hey guys, I want to remove the tyre (or whats left of it!) from my alloy, after I had a blow out a few weeks ago. Any ideas on the best way to do this? It seems theres some kind of glue on the edge's meaning its really difficult to get off! Thanks in advance!
  15. Ed

    I've done something really stupid :(

    Right, fixed the problem! It was a loose connection inside the phatnoise box. Took it appart and tightened everything up, and stuck a folder piece of card in the tiny gap where the cable goes in, seems ok now! Also mounted it on the back of the passenger seat. Look awesome :) Cheers...
  16. Ed

    I've done something really stupid :(

    Ok, got it working (by doing nothing!) It seems to be a bit temperamental, it didnt work at all when the car was stationary but as soon as i set off it started working, but kept turning off on bumps/corners. its completely flat in the boot of my car now, is there a better position for it?
  17. Ed

    I've done something really stupid :(

    Its a 2001 facelift a3 It has a chorus II (the one with the casette) but it does support a cd player as the wiring diagrams say's CD+ and it has the CD button/6 buttons along the bottom. The phatnoise lights come on (1 green, 1 red) then they go off (like the manual says it should) but when I...
  18. Ed

    I've done something really stupid :(

    Hmmm, thats weird. I'm pretty sure its all wired up correctly, the red light comes on but when I press the CD button on my head unit it says 'No CD' And according to this - its not... Any ideas what I could have...
  19. Ed

    I've done something really stupid :(

    ...Bought a phatnoise for my A3, when I've got a chorus II stereo. So I dont think its compatable (or at least I can't get the box to work!) If i bought a Concert stereo could I just switch it for mine, and more to the point, would the phatnoise box work?
  20. Ed

    cd + dvd writer playing up

    Can you read from a normal CD (with info already on it)?