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  1. LukeyC

    3G High 2020 Map Update

    Hi everyone, I know there are loads of various threads on MMI Map updates, "I'm on this firmware, what do I need" etc. This one's a little different. Basically, having spent hours trying to pick through various threads, numerous downloads of various torrents / MEGA download links, I bit the...
  2. LukeyC

    Brand new intermediate steering shaft

    Hi all, Anyone know where I can source a brand new intermediate steering shaft for my car please? EBay and various sites all list used ones, but I'm keen to buy a new one if possible. Thanks, luke
  3. LukeyC

    Blasted thing won't start!

    Hi everyone, Very odd thing has just happened - my car won't start. I've just driven an hour down the motorway from Newport to my local doctors, parked up, nipped inside - starts first time, as always. Drive 10 mins to my mates house, come out after 10 mins and my car won't start. It unlocks...
  4. LukeyC

    Help Please Xenon Headlight level sensors

    Hi all, I need new OSF and NSR headlight level sensors (they attach to the suspension) but I can't for the life of me find the correct part numbers for them. Is anyone able to help please? Thanks Luke
  5. LukeyC

    Stealth Road Angel Fitted..

    A good day today as I finally got the paperwork through to register the car in my name (and therefore change to my private plates). I've also stealthily mounted my Road Angel up next to the interior mirror, running the cables over the sunglasses holder, along the top of the windscreen, down the...
  6. LukeyC

    Just fitted the CR-15 front strut brace.

    My what a difference! I removed my old one in about 15 minutes, and you can feel how flimsy it is - you really can twist / bend it in your hands very easily. It also has areas that are clearly designed to thanks! So I remove the old strut brace, inspect it, laugh, then try and fit...
  7. LukeyC

    3.0 EGR woes

    Very frustrating day today - left Bristol at 5:30pm so I could meet Rob at JR Tuning for 9am in Kent for ECU / Gearbox remaps. Just before Reading my car starts to shudder like crazy at 80mph 2k rpm. Shifting down to 6th the issue goes away. So I pull over and call rob, run the carista...
  8. LukeyC

    Correct steering wheel harness?

    Hi everyone, So I've changed my wheel from this: To this: However I had to modify the harness, and clearly I'm **** at soldering because none of the buttons, paddles, or horn work. I just want to buy the correct one to fit this wheel - can someone tell me what I need please? Thanks in...
  9. LukeyC

    3.0TDI Remap / EGR Blank

    Hi guys, So I've contacted a couple of companies about remap options APR (through RE Performance in Swindon) and Quantum tuning through VW Services in Bedminster, Bristol. I had an email this morning from a Quantum mechanic that I shouldn't have the EGR blanked / mapped out in software, as...
  10. LukeyC

    New Owner - 3.0TDI Avant SLine

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself as I've just bought an A4 3.0TDI Avant (Tiptronic) SLine It's an 09, done 44k with full service history and I had to get a 6 hour train "up north" to collect it! I think it's worth it though as it has a decent spec including: Adaptive Cruise Side...
  11. LukeyC

    Newbey buying advice: Easiest Retrofit(s)?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to purchase a A3 170 Quattro Sportback (either sport or s-line) in the coming months, but can't find the "perfect" spec car out there, so I'm going to have to seek the closest example and then retrofit the rest. I've taken a look around the forum and read some of the...