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    Replacement front bumper costs and options

    Some time ago I sustained some damage to the front bumper but I managed to live with it. More recently I sustained some damage to the RS style grille. Now I'm thinking of getting it all fixed and was considering various options but would like your opinion and estimated costs. When I had the RS...
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    Tyre with rim protection?

    I will need to change tyres soon on 19" rims. Does anyone know which tyre gives the most rim protection for 19' rims. I find the little bit of rubber sticking out the side of tyre too flimsy and ineffective. Are there any tyres that bulge out past the rim? Will going for wider tyre achieve this?
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    DVD screens stop DAB radio

    I've been having this issue with the radio dropping reception, mmi saying unavailable. Some days it happens a few times for few seconds before it comes back and on some days it's mostly the whole time. It seems that it's only the DAB radio that is affected and not the FM. I was initially...
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    Control unit not responding with obdeleven

    I finally received the obdeleven after 3 weeks of waiting and got stuck in. Never used one before so started with needle sweep to see how it works and after 3 clicks all done. So then I wanted to activate the lock/ unlock sounds and that's where I run into problems. I managed to access control...
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    Can you switch off engine but keep eletrics on?

    Does anyone one know if it's possible to turn engine off but keep the cigarette lighter on? It annoys my kids when they are watching a movie on dvd player and I turn the engine off the player stops working. I can press the start button again but it takes a minute or two for the film to start up...
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    Difference between breakdown providers

    I need to get a breakdown cover after my free Audi cover expired few days ago. I Looked at AA, RAC and comparison websites and the AA and RAC are at least three times as expensive as others from the comparison website. They all seem to provide the same options so I was confused why such a big...
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    Are USB ports always on?

    Can anyone confirm if the centre console usb ports are alway on even when the car is switched off. I plugged in usb light under the centre arm rest and it was still on after locking the car. I don't want to run the battery flat if it is constantly plugged in.
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    Are wheel spacers going to pass MOT?

    My car is going for it's first MOT and I was wondering if the 10mm front and rear wheel spacers will be a problem. Should I take them off just in case? The MOT is being done by Audi so not sure if they will be more strict. Has anyone gone for MOT with spacers and what was the outcome? I will be...
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    Service/oil change question

    Last week I got a message on the dashboard saying 'service 1000miles' or something similar but I didn't pay much notice to it. This week that message has disappeared and new message 'oil change in 15days' is showing. When I go into the MMI service interval section it says 'Next oil change in...
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    Which mods do insurance companies need to be notified off?

    My insurance is coming up for renewal and when I was on a comparison website it was asking about any modifications to the car like cosmetic or performance. I've done a few mods like changing front grille to RS style, de- chroming, tinting windows. Does the insurance company need to be notified...
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    Moisture in headlights?

    In the last couple of days when the weather got a bit colder I have noticed that the front headlights have misted up on the inside, the bottom third of glass. Do you guys get that as well? Some time ago I got moisture in my tail light and it temporarily stopped working and got a fault message on...
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    How to remove fog light grilles?

    Does anyone know how to remove the fog light grilles without damaging the bumper? I'm worried about damaging the paint around the edges when trying to lever the clips.
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    Rattling from speedo

    I was sitting in the car for over 1 hour with the engine and electrics switched off, only the radio playing and every 15-20 minutes the speedo needle would shake and rattle very quickly for about a second. Has anyone else noticed this? I wonder what that signifies.
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    Unlocking with emergency key

    For last 2 weeks I've been getting a message that the remote key battery is low and today it finally run out when I was driving. The car asked me if the key is still in the car? Bit if a strange question. Am I suppose to answer it? I couldn't lock the car so had to use the emergency key from...
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    Who wants a front splitter for £19.90?

    I came across this listing on eBay for a Maxton front splitter v2 for £5 + £14.90 delivery (price on Maxton's website £119). Don't know if it's a mistake but for that price I've ordered one, even if I don't fit it I can sell it for some profit...
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    Do you legally need front Europlate?

    Does anyone know if it is sufficient just to display GB on the rear europlate and not on the front one? Is there legal requirement to have front and rear europlates when not displaying GB sticker?
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    Questions about RS grille

    After many month of deciding if to get one I finally got an RS style grille. I've noticed that the bottom part of the frame where the quattro letters are, the frame is much thicker than the current one. That made me think if it will fit the bumper. If the frame is to sit flush with the bumper...
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    Faulty rear light

    Today I got a message on dashboard saying that the rear light is faulty. When I checked it, half of the light did not lit up. As the car is still under warranty I will call the service tomorrow to get it fixed. As the lights are Led I would assume that the whole light needs to be replaced? And...
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    Will this grille fit my car?

    I'm in a hunt for an RS style grille and found some at very good prices and I'm willing to take a chance on quality. One thing that is stopping me from buying it is the uncertainty if it will fit my car. The description states that it will fit: for Audi A4 B9 2017-2018(Fit for B9 Models...
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    (Avant owners) Do you use luggage cover with tinted windows?

    After getting my windows tinted I was thinking of taking out the retractable luggage cover. That would save carrying a few excess kilograms in weight. I was wondering if others on the forum continue using the cover with tinted windows?